20 Different Types of Lightweight Fabric

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It is a sunny day, and you will go for an outing, then lightweight clothing will be the best choice for you. Because on sunny days, your comfort largely depends on the lightness, air permeability, and moisture absorbency of your clothing. Lightweight fabrics are light in weight, have good air permeability, and are also good moisture absorbent depending on raw materials and finishes.

An Overview of Different Types of Lightweight Fabric

Lightweight fabrics have a variety of end uses. These can be used for making fancy dresses, wedding dresses, blouses, lingerie, scarves, sashes, home décor, and so on.

Definition of Lightweight Fabric

According to the meaning of its name, the fabric having lightweight is called lightweight fabric. Specifically, fabrics with weight up to 140 to 150 GSM (Gram/M2) are lightweight fabrics. These fabrics can be woven like plain weave, knitted like single jersey or open structure like net or mesh fabric. These can be used as clothing shell fabric or lining fabric, or trim fabric.

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List of the 20 best Lightweight Fabrics

  1. Chiffon
  2. Crepe De Chine
  3. Crinoline
  4. Gauze (Leno)
  5. Georgette
  6. Laces
  7. Lawn
  8. Momie Cloth
  9. Moss crepe
  10. Net
  11. Ninon
  12. Organdy
  13. Marquisette
  14. Faille
  15. Gingham
  16. Tobacco Cloth
  17. Tulle
  18. Veiling
  19. Voile
  20. Batiste
Pink colored chiffon fabric

Chiffon is a sheer type of fabric that is light in weight and semi-transparent. It ranges from 60 GSM to 90 GSM. It is very delicate and has good drape ability. Originally it was made from silk fibre. Due to its high pricing, alternate raw materials like cotton, polyester, and viscose were developed that are inexpensive compared to silk.

It has high breathability but low heat retention ability. Originally it was developed in France, but now the biggest manufacturing country of Chiffon is China. Chiffon is used to make wedding dresses, blouses, evening wears, nightwear, scarves, etc.

Orange colored Crepe De Chine fabric.

Crepe De Chine is a luxurious lightweight fabric made of highly twisted yarn. Originally it was made from silk, but now it can be made from synthetic fibre like polyester, nylon, rayon or acetate, which can imitate silk. Its hand-feel is so smooth and has a grainy and shiny texture. It is wrinkle-resistant and also has good breathability.

Its colorfastness properties are excellent, has an incomparable softness and gives long-lasting color. It is an ideal choice to make bridal dresses, skirts, blouses, and scarves.

Crinoline mesh fabric

Crinoline is a stiff fabric that is used to make crinoline garments and crafts projects. Originally it was made of horsehair, but now 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or 100% nylon, and their blends are available. The fibres are chemically treated to make the fabric structure stiffer and durable. Starch is also used to make it stiff.

It provides support to garments body and craft projects. It is used to make costumes, evening wear, hats, hoop petticoats, etc.

Gauze (Leno) fabric

Gauze or Leno is an open structured, transparent, or turbid fabric made by twisting two end yarns for the pick yarn. When you are wounded and open your first aid box, you must find the gauze bandages, which are the most familiar gauze fabric. But it is also used for different purposes like unstructured dresses, blouses and skirts. Sometimes curtains and baby carriers are also made from it.

As it is a sheer, flexible and open weave, light and air can easily pass through it.  So, clothing made from this fabric is perfect to wear during the hot summer days.

Green colored Georgette Fabric

Georgette is a sheer type of fabric originally made from silk fibre, but currently, it is also made from polyester, rayon, or viscose fibre.  Structurally is a woven fabric manufactured from highly twisted yarns which creates a pebbly texture. It is a strong fabric having great tear and tensile strength. Printed georgette is the most popular among popular printed fabrics.

It varies from 30 GMS to 80 GSM in weight. It is mainly used for women’s clothing. Traditionally royal family women used to wear it, but the inventions of the synthetic and semi-synthetic fibres made it available for the public. Georgette is used to making blouses, dresses, skirts, gowns, sarees, home décor, Scarves, lining, and so on.

White lace fabric

Lace is a delicate, complex, structured narrow fabric. Different types of techniques are used to make different types and differently designed laces. It is a highly designed trim fabric used to design clothing, upholstery, and home textiles. It is not used to make the entire clothing, but it is necessary to decorate any dress. Originally it was made from silk or linen, but now cotton, polyester, nylon, and their blends with elastane are mostly used.

It is an integral part of lingerie, bras, panties, and foundation garments. These items are designed based on the laces. Besides, it is also used as trim fabric to make bridal gowns, dresses, curtains, lampshades, etc.

Lawn fabric

The lawn is a semi-transparent cotton fabric that is structurally plain weave. This fabric is made from finer yarns which gives it a silky texture. This fabric is highly breathable and dries very quickly. After weaving, the fabric is bleached and made pure white to make it ready for printing. In the printing process, different printing patterns are made according to the demand of the end-users.

The lawn is commonly used to make different clothing types like blouses, shirts, dresses, nightwear, lingerie, handkerchiefs, etc.

Momie Cloth is a type of fabric having crepe weave. It is made from cotton or linen fibres. It has a smooth and silky texture. It is used to make napkins and tablecloths.

Moss Crepe fabric

Moss crepe is an excellent quality fabric for making premium quality clothing. It has better drape ability and a smooth surface. Due to its crepe moss-like surface appearance, it is called moss crepe. It is used to make dresses and skirts.

White colored net fabric.

Net is an open structured lightweight knitted fabric having lots of open spaces or holes. The hole shapes can be square, hexagonal or octagonal, depending on the knitting process. Tricot, Raschel, and Bobbinet processes are used to make net fabrics. But raschel is the most common method of making net fabrics. This fabric can be made of silk, polyester, nylon or viscose.

In many cases, it is embroidered, flock printed, or glitter printed to bring some specialty. It is used to make fancy dresses, lingerie, hosiery, pantyhose, etc.

Ninon fabric

Nion is a semi-transparent lightweight fabric made of silk, nylon, or rayon. Structurally it may be plain weave or lacey pattern. Highly twisted filament yarns are used to make this fabric which gives a crispy appearance. It is heavier than chiffon fabric. Some ninon may have embroidered borders. This fabric is used to make eveningwear, scarves, lingerie, dresses, etc.

Organdy Fabric

Organdy is a lightweight, sheer and crispy fabric having a smooth and lustrous fabric surface. Starchy finishing is given to make the fabric stiff. Originally it was made of linen, but now it is made of cotton, polyester or nylon fibre. It is a plain weave fabric made of combed yarn. Organdy has some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage is, it wrinkles easily and takes fine iron to look like the original. It is used to make baby clothing, children’s clothing, dresses, apparel lining, collars, cuffs, aprons, etc.

Marquisette is a crispy sheer fabric like organdy. It can be made of silk, cotton, linen or viscose. This fabric has different types of patterns like geometric, floral, or embroidered. It is a leno-structured open weaved fabric. This type of fabric is specially used for dresses, curtains and mosquito nets.

Faille fabric

Faille is a lightweight, soft, plain weave fabric. It has a glossy fabric surface. It is a silky and lustrous fabric having subtle rib running parallel to the warp direction. Originally it was made of silk, but now it can be made of cotton, wool, rayon, etc. Normally this fabric is used for making dresses, suits, jackets, ties, etc.

Gingham fabric

Gingham is a plain weave fabric with striped, check, or plaid patterns. It is a yarn-dyed fabric. Generally, one white yarn is used with another colored yarn during weaving to make striped, check, or plaid patterns. Previously it was only used as tablecloths or aprons, but now it is vastly used to make dresses and skirts. Now it has been a summer fashion for the past few years.

Tobacco cloth

Tobacco cloth is a loosely weaved lightweight plain fabric made of cotton. Its appearance and structure are like gauze fabric. It has excellent air permeability and drape ability. Originally this fabric was used to protect the tobacco plants from sun rays and heavy rain for proper cultivation. But now it is used for bandages, curtains, tops, and many more!

Tulle fabric

Tulle is a lightweight fine net fabric. It is manufactured from silk, polyester, nylon, or viscose fibre. But among them, polyester tulle is the most popular. It can be enormous colors and designs. You can also dye it in your home when it is made of nylon or viscose. Sometimes allover glitter print, embroidered or rhinestone attached fancy tulle fabric is also found. It is soft and has smaller holes which give a better drape.

When you want to make a fancy dress, you might not find the alternate fabric unless tulle. It is used to make bridal gowns, couture garments, skirts, fine lingerie, occasion wear, children’s items, etc. It can also be used to decorate homes, floral arrangements, party arrangements, or craft projects.

Veiling fabric

Veiling is a transparent net fabric used to cover the head or face portion. Structurally it can be tulle, organza, lace, and Russian net.  It can be made of cotton, polyester, or nylon. It is mainly used to make elegant bridal dresses.

Voile fabric

Voile is a plain weave fabric made of 100% cotton or cotton blends. It is the finest of any other cotton fabric. So, you can have a very soft hand feel. It will be the best choice for clothing options in the summer season for its lightness and breathability. You can find it in a wide range of colors and prints. It is a perfect choice for making dresses, tops, skirts, tunics, loungewear, and children’s clothing in the summer season.

Batiste fabric

Batiste is like Voile but comparatively lighter. It can be manufactured from silk, cotton, linen or viscose fibre. It is almost transparent and so breathable but needs extra care. This fabric is suitable for summer clothing.

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