Textile Protein Fibers

Two basic types of protein fibers are used in Textile Industry mostly, they are wool and silk. Because of availability and suitable to produce as bulk these two natural protein fibers are popular among the producers across the globe. Like silk and Wool there are some others protein fiber and also being used with cotton […]

Why You Should Study About Textile

Textile is an important term in our daily lives. So everybody should know something about textile. From the primitive time to present time people used textiles for covering, warmth and even for displaying personal wealth. We are the ultimate consumer of textiles. The automobile industries, homemakers, dressmakers, interior decorators, retail-store customers and even the students […]

List of all Textile Fibres

A natural or synthetic filament which may be spun into yarn that makes fabric such as cotton or nylon is called Textile Fibre. Fabrics are further classified by their composition and can be divided into: Animal: Derived from and animal source. Vegetable: Derived from a plant. Natural: Derived from a plant, animal or other sources. polymer: This […]

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