Ultimate Guide to Washing Fastness Test Methods

In the textile industry, ensuring the durability and longevity of fabrics is of paramount importance. One crucial aspect of fabric quality is its ability to withstand repeated washing without significant color fading or damage. To determine the fabric’s resistance to washing, various test methods are employed, collectively known as washing fastness tests. What is Washing Fastness? […]

Martindale Abrasion Tester Test Results Review

The system of methodological standards for determining the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method is systematically introduced, and the relationship between European standards, German standards, and the American Society for Materials is pointed out. It points out that the relationship between European standards, German standards, American Materials Council standards, Chinese standards, and international […]

What Kinds of Fabric Features enable Clothes become Comfortable to Wear?

We don’t wear the same dress throughout all the seasons. Fashion designers design clothing products, and dressmakers produce dresses according to consumer demand. We prefer T-Shirt during the summer season, and during the winter season, we prefer outerwear. Cotton products are the best in the summer, and woolen products are preferable for winter. As for […]

Dimensional Changes of Fabric After Home Laundering (AATCC 135)

Object This procedure describes the process for determination of dimensional changes of fabrics when subjected to home laundering process. Definitions Dimensional Change: Percentage change in length and width of fabric specimen when subjected to specified conditions. Growth:  Dimensional change result in increase in length and width of specimen. Shrinkage:  Dimensional change result in decrease length […]

Tearing Strength of Textile Fabrics

We prefer formal woven pants for official purposes, but most of us like to wear Jeans or Chinos for casual purposes. These dresses should look ok also should have the best quality. One of the most required qualities is its tearing strength. Different brands have different tearing strength requirements based on the fabric weight. In […]

Buyers Approved Textile Testing Laboratories

Most of the Garments and Textile industries around the world are 100% export-oriented. They export their textile and garments products to other countries. While trendy designs and incomparable colors may preliminary sell a garment, it’s finally quality and safety that will confirm customer loyalty, generate repeat business, and maintain a brand’s value. That is why […]

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