Description of a Precision Winder

Precision Winder The main feature of precision winder is the spindle in which the package is mounted and it directly gets drive. The precision winder is one, in which there is a constant ratio between the speed of the spindle which carries the package being wound and the speed of the traversing mechanism. This winder […]

A Guide to Pirn Winding

Definition of Pirn A pirn or quill is a weft bobbin that is placed inside a shuttle in shuttle weaving. As the shuttle travels back and forth across the width of the shuttle loom, the weft yarn is unwound from the pirn through the eye (for ordinary shuttle) or slot (for automatic shuttle) of the […]

Defects in Wound Packages in Winding Section

The main aspect of the quality of preparation in winding is the production of a fault-free package that will unwind smoothly during warping. Some of these faults are caused by faulty machine settings while others are caused by incorrect work practice. Hence periodic checks on machine conditions, settings, and proper supervision of operatives are necessary in order […]

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