Main Check Points in Weaving

Constant vigilance of men, machines, materials and atmospheric conditions is required for smooth and efficient working of a loom shed. Though the checkpoints are already known to the supervisors, they must be conscious of these aspects while patrolling the department. The followings are details of the checklist:

Quality Control Activities in Loom Shed

The quality control function is required to monitor the qualitative performance of the incoming material, in-process material and the finished product. This involves conducting of studies/tests, both routine and special. Routine Studies End Breaks and Operations Warp and weft breakage studies should be conducted once a month for each count. The breaks should be noted […]

Different Parts of a Loom

Weaving is done on a machine called a loom. All the weaves that are known today have been made for thousands of years. The precise shape of the loom and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same. Warp yarns are held taut within the loom, and weft yarns are inserted and […]

An Overview of Water Jet Loom

Water Jet Loom An effort to achieve:    Weaving machine makers produced gripper shuttle and rapier machines belonging to second generation of shuttle loom. But in both machines, something solid enters shed and yarn is suddenly accelerated to very high velocity-stretching tender yarns undesirably. Then third generation of Air Jet and Water Jet looms when fibre spun as well […]

Operation Principle of Air Jet Loom

Working Principle of Air Jet Loom  Air jet weaving machines were invented in Czechoslovakia and later refined by the Swiss, Dutch, and Japanese were designed to retain the tension less aspect of the picking action of the water jet while eliminating the problems caused by the use of water. The yarn is pulled from the supply package […]

Weaving Loom: Definition, Parts and Classification

Definition of Loom Loom is a machine or device which is used to produce woven fabric by interlacement of warp and weft yarn. Ginning, opening, cleaning, carding, combing, drawing, spinning, winding, warping, sizing, beaming are the process prior to weaving. All these process converge on loom. Classification of Loom Hand loom Power loom Different Parts of a Loom Short Description […]

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