Polyester Fibre Production Process and End Uses

Introduction Polyester are polymers made by a condensation reaction taking place between small molecules, in which the linkage of the molecules occurs through the formation of ester groups. Polyesters are commonly made by interaction of a dibasic acid with a dihydric alcohol: HOOC-X-COOH + HO-Y-OH → …OC-X-COO-Y-OCO-X-COO-Y-OCO… The formation of polyester was studied by Wallace H. Carothers […]

Cotton Fibre and Yarn Quality Co-Relation

Instead of buying any cotton available at the lowest price, spin it to produce yarn if highest count possible and selling yarn at any market at random. It is advisable to locate a good market where yarn can be sold at the highest price and fine cotton, which has characteristics to spin the yarn of desired specifications for that […]

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