Common Defects in Blowroom Laps

With the evolution of the new concept of “Zero defects”, there is growing concern in the mills to control defects at every stage of manufacture. Lap defects can in the long run result in yarn defects, thus ultimately reducing the sale value of yarn. It is in this context that an understanding of the types […]

Essential Check Points in Blowroom

Given below are some checkpoints which will guide the technicians about some common deficiencies in the blow room and the corrective action to be taken in such cases with regard to quality control, maintenance or work practices. Mixing Room Opening and Cleaning Scutcher End Thus, if the technicians make it a point to inspect the […]

Observation of AOO2D Automatic Bale Plücker

Application This machine being in the initial stage treatment of raw materials in the blow rooms is suitable for cotton, cotton type man-made fibres. The pluck-beater travels around and lowers intermittently to pluck the fibres in succession. Drawn by fan, these fibres are delivered to the nest machine through the conveying for treatment. Main Specification Description This machine is composed of […]

Why Ring Spinning System is Universal | Technological Points in Blow Room

Ring Spinning System is an Universal System The ring spinning system is the most widely used system due to significant advantages in comparison with the new spinning process. Ring spinning is the oldest of the present day spinning process. It is comparatively expensive than other spinning system because of its slower production speed and the additional processes […]

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