Polyester Fibre Production Process and End Uses

Introduction Polyester are polymers made by a condensation reaction taking place between small molecules, in which the linkage of the molecules occurs through the formation of ester groups. Polyesters are commonly made by interaction of a dibasic acid with a dihydric alcohol: HOOC-X-COOH + HO-Y-OH → …OC-X-COO-Y-OCO-X-COO-Y-OCO… The formation of polyester was studied by Wallace H. Carothers […]

A Guide to Filament, Bulletproof and Ballistic Yarns

The first filament yarn was introduced through natural silk yarn derived from nature. And with the advancement of science gradually yarns like Bulletproof and Ballistic were introduced. In this article, we will know about Filament, Bulletproof and Ballistic Yarns.   Definition of Filament Yarn Man first learned the silk worm’s filament yarn technique, which extrudes fibroin – a viscous […]

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