What is Yarn: Definition and Meaning

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Yarn is made from different types of fibre. Yarn is the raw material of the fabric, and the fabric is the raw material of clothing. So without yarn, the dress is impossible. But many of us don’t know what yarn is. So in this article, we will learn about yarn.

Definition and Meaning of Yarn

Name given to any textile fibre when prepared in spinning process for being woven into fabric. Yarn is the most diverse description and its value varies according to its luster, bleaching, dyeing properties, its fineness, strength, elasticity, uniformity of diameter, smoothness, suppleness, and natural colors.

What is yarn? Definition

Yarns can be single, folded or fancy or twisted to right or warp way; twisted to left or weft away.

Single yarns or threads are fibrous matter twisted together in spinning.

Cotton thread is dull, soft, pliable, and of moderate strength and elasticity.

Cotton waste thread of low-counts is of two varieties.

Linen thread is of 2 varieties – line and tow – both are stiff, rough and are elastic.

If spin wet, they are compact, smooth, and brighter than when dry spun. Bleaching treatment makes it pure white and becomes lustrous and soft.

Woolen thread is soft, spongy, hairy, elastic, moderately strong and possesses felting properties. Bleaches indifferently but dyes easily.

Worsted thread from combed wool has uniform diameter, luster, and are with a good chemical resistance.

Silk is made into net, spun and noils threads. Net-silk gives organize and tram. For their diameter both are the strongest, most elastic textile threads. Spun silk is less lustrous and elastic.

Mixed yarn is obtained by mixing and spinning different fibres.

Folded threads are made to impart increased strength, elasticity and smoothness and are glazed or unglazed for special purposes like lace making, hosiery etc. Fancy yarn is made by twisting together threads of different materials of different counts, colors etc.

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