Fabric Consumption and Costing per Dozen of a Polo-Shirt

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To determine the fabric consumption per dozen of a polo-shirt, we need design measurement chart, size ratio, and fabric specification. Design of the polo-shirt is shown in the following figure:

Polo-shirt Sketch

Measurement chart is also shown in the following table. In the table, there are S, M, L, XL, XXL, sizes. Here L size is considered to calculate the fabric consumption per piece of polo shirt.

Body Section

= (Back length + Allowance) X (Chest circle + Allowance)

= (30.75 inch + 2 inch) X (48 inch + 2 inch)

= 32.75 X 50 sq. inch

= 1637.5 sq. inch

Sleeve Section

= (Arm hole straight + Allowance) X (Sleeve length c. b. – ½ across shoulder + Allowance) X 2 X 2

= (10 inch + 1.5 inch) X (20.75 inch – 10.5 inch + 1.5 inch) X 2 X 2

= 11.5 X (10.25 + 1.5) X 4 sq. inch

= 11.5 X 11.75 X 4 sq. inch

= 540.5 sq. inch

Fabric requirement for body section and sleeve section will be

= 1637.5 sq. inch + 540.5 sq. inch

= 2178 sq. inch

= 2178 X 6.45 sq. cm [1 sq. inch = 6.45sq. cm]

= 14048 sq. cm

= 1.405 sq. m/pc

To convert the fabric consumption from per piece to per dozen, we need to consider size ratio. Assume size ratio if, 1:2:3:3:3. Then the fabric consumption per dozen will be as follows:

Actually, fabric consumption for L-Size has been calculated and the remaining sizes are assumed but in real practice, consumption for each size is to be done and used for fabric consumption calculation per dozen of the polo shirt. It must be mentioned here that the fabric consumption for the collar is not calculated here.

If 170 GSM knit fabric is used for the said polo-shirt, then the fabric consumption per dozen will be –

= 17.30 X 0.170 kg

= 2.99 kg/dozen [1000 gm = 1 kg]

Costing Calculation

Cost per dozen of a polo-shirt as follows:

Manufacturing cost per dozen of the said polo-shirt has been calculated as $ 27.34. Actual price may vary due to various reasons like raw material type and price, accessories type, quantity and price, C.M, time factor etc. Now, you can add your expected profit to determine the sales price of the product.

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