What is Fabric Cutting | Requirements and Methods of Fabric Cutting

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There are many steps involved in making the clothes we wear. First the garment manufacturer receives the fabric and stores them for conditioning. Then they spread them on the cutting table and lay them for marking according to the design. Then the fabrics are cut and send to the next stage for sewing.

Wastage percentage is a highly concerning issue to the garment manufacturer that produces from the cutting section. So cutting is the most important section in the garment industry. Here proper industrial engineering, marker making plays an important role in reducing the wastage percentage.

Definition of Fabric Cutting

Cutting means cutting out the pieces of the garment from lays of the fabric with the help of a cutting template or marker. To make a complete garment, cutting is necessary.

Indonesian worker using a fabric cutting machine

It is often carried out in two stages; cutting (separating the individual pieces) and final cutting (cutting according to the individual shapes). Different types of cutting tools have different degrees of precision.

Requirements of Fabric Cutting

The objective of cutting is to separate fabric parts as replicas of the pieces in the marker plan. To achieve this objective, certain requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Precision of cut
  • Clean edges
  • Infused edges
  • Support of the lay
  • Consistent cutting

Methods of Fabric Cutting

There are mainly three types of fabric cutting:

Completely manual process: Hand-operated scissor is used here. It is an ancient process that little used.

Manually operated powered knife: In this process, the power knives are manually operated. This process is mostly used in the maximum garment industry. The following cutting machines are used:


Computerized technique: This is the latest technique. This technique is used in the modern and large garment industry. The following cutting machines are used:

  • Knife cutting
  • Cutting by water jet
  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma torch cutting

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