What is Thermal Clothing?

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The term “Thermal clothing” is using in the trade for last few years. The term “Thermal” is used for different clothing. This means the clothing, which feels cool in worm weather and worm in cool weather when worn. The basic properties of those clothing depends on their thickness, air permeability and wicking properties.

Wool and wool mixed fabrics and clothing are of higher thickness, wool fibres have natural crimp and more air space in the fabric, hence feels worm when worn. Cotton and cotton mixed fabrics are thin; more over the cotton fibres remain in flat condition in the fabric hence surface area of contact with body is greater. So, cotton clothing feels cool when worn. Cloths made from PVC fibre is thin, more air space in the cloths and less surface area of contact. Hence feels worm when worn. PVC blended cloths provide cools in warm weather because it has more air spaces. Through which vapor molecules can easily pass through those air spaces. Moreover, the PVC fibres does not absorb water
molecules, hence it does not wetted.

Man Wearing Thermal Clothing Underwear

At present time, for underwear making, mainly polypropylene, polyester, and PVC fibres are used. All the mentioned three fibres, have very poor moisture absorption property. Due to higher cost, PVC is used less and cost of polypropylene and polyester fibres are lower, hence used more in those purposes. PVC fibre shrinks more due to effect of temperature but polypropylene and polyester does not shrink. Fabric structure also plays role in thermal resistance property. Loosely woven fabrics have more air spaces and allow worm air and moisture to pass through those air spaces, hence feels cool when worn in worm weather.

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Fitting of the cloths has also role in feeling cool or warm. Closely fitted thermal cloths helps to retain worm air on to the body surface, hence helps in retaining body warmth. But loosely fitted thermal clothing allows worm air to pass through due to pumping action of body movement, hence feels cool. Extensibility property of thermal underwear should be higher to allow easy body movement.

At present time, thermal underwear made from 80% polyester and 20% viscose fibre is used extensively in the cold countries. Because it’s thermal property is satisfactory and price is lower. Property of clothing is dependent on environment; change of environment can change the property of clothing.

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