Seamless Apparel Technology: One Step Ahead to Minimize Clothing Wastage

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By seeing the term “Seamless”, we guess it within a second that it refers to the notion of having no seams or stitches. Not having any seams ends up breaking things into two parts rather than joining them. However, seamless has arrived as a technology in the apparel sector where circular looms are used with better specialization in developing garments. Seamless lets the fabric hold any cutting or sewing process. That is how, without making any error in any apparel, seamless technology eventually leaves the conventional production of clothing with better quality pieces.

Ordinary legging vs seamless legging.

What is Seamless Apparel?

Seamless apparel refers to clothes with no seams which is a completely different way of apparel manufacturing. Fitness clothing has been easier to produce when applied to seamless apparel technology. To use this technology, there has been the use of a seamless machine.

A seamless machine works as a piece of equipment for producing or cutting down clothes. Seamless apparel technology requires a seamless sewing machine that will knit the clothes to produce innerwear or outerwear, and fit clothes. This technology does not include the cutting and sewing process. Rather, it uses efficient machines where minimal cutting or sewing processes are included. The machine which contributes the most to making seamless apparel is the circular knitting machine. As a result, saving production costs and time becomes easier. 

How does Seamless Apparel Machine Work?

Seamless apparel machines are the most advanced level circular knitting machines where the machine will knit the whole garment based on the sewing modes and the computer instructions. The finished product is either finished or semi-finished where there is no side seam. 

The seamless apparel technology has an adhesive film, made of polyurethane where the adhesives are in an acceptable position. That adhesive follows the pre-laminated version before launching into the laminating to another surface level. Garment condition matters in that case, as a result, the adhesion controlling condition, or the tensile property saves the garment’s service life. 

The conventional process requires a process of 3 steps starting from cutting and sewing to seamlessly finishing apparel. The entire fabric panel creates the cut-and-sew production. After that the post-knitting process has the potential of cutting and sewing. So, this seamless technology eliminates this process. It just requires now a post-sewing process. After creating the entire apparel with different feeders, the apparel remains in a shape. In the end, only the machine has to keep openings of the pathways for legs, arms, and heads.

How does Seamless Apparel Technology minimize Clothing Wastage?

Being an advancement in the industry of apparel, seamless apparel technology eliminates all the steps of fabric cutting, laying, and the process of sewing. This is wholly a new concept yet to become popular apart from the western countries. The last century has been overwhelming due to the seamless apparel technology. It eliminates labor work but requires extensive training. 

One of the challenges of this seamless apparel technology is to educate consumers about the wide-ranging benefits. Although the production process has been introduced changes, the apparel does not require a cut and sew. It lessens the conventional production process and saves costs. But the machinery cost eventually contributes to increasing the overall price.

The advantages of seamless apparel technology are many in quantity. For instance:

Non-scratch seamless apparel

Seamless apparels are non-scratch in nature where the clothes will not cause any friction to the skin. As a result, sports clothes are convenient to wear. They do not even distract you during the training. 

Seamless clothes are “fitted” on your skin

Whenever you move, your clothes will move with you comfortably. All thanks to seamless clothes and their nature of fitting on the skin surface.

High Durability

Seamless apparel is durable with no tight seams. For fitness clothes or sportswear, clothes will get prolonged life due to their durable nature.

Flexible Seamless Apparel

Clothes work with the body in a standard way. The seamless technology-made apparel will provide you comfort whenever you exercise.

Seamless apparel technology has a few disadvantages as well. For instance:

  • Technical limitations are present.
  • Labor-intensive training is required.
  • Possibility of endless design which requires better-knit knowledge.
  • Increase in the price of seamless apparel due to its versatile nature.


The seamless apparel technology can produce the finished product nearly. The demand of having seamless garments of tubular material is in increasing position. Seamless apparels are also available in a knitted size whereas woven garments are unavailable. Transforming the apparel business has just started and you could not have asked more with this beautiful start with seamless apparel technology.

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