10 Types Of Curtain Fabrics To Match Your Curtain

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What curtain fabrics to choose from? How many types of fibre are there? In this post, we at Saaria will tell you everything so that you get your curtain fabrics right.

Beautiful Curtain

What type of curtain fabrics should I choose when I am going to decorate my house? Surely you have seen that there are multiple fibres and multiple combinations. In this post, we are going to explain the different types of curtain fabrics that exist on the market so that you have a more exact vision of what to choose when you go to decorate your house, either with curtains, blinds or panels. Let’s start:

  • Polyester curtain fabrics
  • Cotton curtain fabrics
  • Linen curtain fabrics
  • Polyester and cotton curtain fabrics
  • Polyester, Cotton and Linen curtain fabrics
  • Viscose curtain fabrics
  • Polyester and viscose curtain fabrics
  • With wool fibres
  • PVC
  • Polyester and PVC curtain fabrics

Polyester Curtain Fabrics

Curtain fabrics made with 100 percent polyester have many advantages. First of all, we want to tell you that polyester is an artificial fibre, but it is possibly one of the most used in the textile sector and in the manufacture of curtains, blinds and panels.

Excellent finishes are achieved with polyester and you can find a large number of shapes and colours because this fibre behaves very well in dyeing processes. It is a very light material that resists the passage of time very well. We can be in front of the most durable fibre. It is also true that since it is artificial, its prices tend to be more affordable.

Cotton Curtain Fabrics

It is a natural fibre that does not contain chemicals. It is very breathable which allows air circulation preventing fungus from forming. It also absorbs moisture very well.

Cotton is extracted from natural plants but I don’t think that’s why it’s a brittle fibre. On the contrary, it is also very resistant. Even, following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can wash it in a washing machine. Of course, it has an excellent fall, and it is very soft to the touch, providing a great sensation of comfort.

Linen Curtain Fabrics

Linen is another of the great curtain fabrics that will give you a lot of poise in any room. It is a natural fibre obtained from the flax plant, similar to cotton. It is very soft to the touch and provides an excellent fall, although it is true that it is very difficult to find curtains made one hundred per cent with linen because its price would surely skyrocket.

Polyester and Cotton Curtain Fabrics

We have already seen the three main fibres in the manufacture of curtain fabrics and, really, in all the processes of making clothes and household linen. Now we are going to focus on the combinations. The most used are polyester and cotton. Having this type of curtain fabric you combine the advantages of both one and the other.

On the one hand, you will benefit from the resistance of polyester, and on the other, you will enjoy the touch of cotton and softness. These types of combinations offer you a lot of resistance. Its maintenance is also very easy and washing curtains or blinds with this combination of fibres is a breeze.

Polyester, Cotton and Linen Curtain Fabrics

Linen can be added to this widely used combination of polyester and cotton, which offers even better drapes and greater softness. The most logical thing is that there is a higher percentage of cotton and polyester and a smaller amount of linen, which makes the product cheaper since linen is the most expensive natural fibre. Undoubtedly, this combination yields excellent outcomes.

Viscose Curtain Fabrics

Viscose is a cellulose fibre that is subsequently regenerated. It has the same properties as other natural fibres and sometimes you don’t even notice if the curtain fabrics are cotton, wool, linen or viscose. It is highly appreciated in the textile sector because it also supports dyeing processes very well, with which many varied designs can be created. Viscose is usually recommended for warm and comfortable areas. It is also called a rayon.

Polyester and Viscose Curtain Fabrics

You can also find curtain fabrics with this combination of fibres. It is not the most common in the world of curtains but you can also buy them to create good decorative effects.

With Wool Fibres

In some curtains, you will also be able to observe that wool fibres are inserted so that it acquires texture and softness. Wool is another of the great natural fibres in the textile sector.


The textile sector is evolving and it is increasingly common to find curtain fabrics with PVC, especially in both folding and roller blinds. The advantages of PVC are that the curtains that are made with this material are completely waterproof and are very resistant, as well as natural fibres. If you choose blinds with PVC, you also have to know that they are very easy to wash and that you will have a wide variety of colours at your disposal.

Polyester and PVC Curtain Fabrics

Curtain fabric manufacturers also use this combination of fabrics to make their products.

The Degree of Opening: Transparent or Opaque

We have told you about the different fibres that exist for making curtains, blinds and panels. But when you go to choose your product you will also have to take into account the degree of openness. That is if you want your curtain to let sunlight through or you want the opposite.

In the first case, you should resort to very light curtain fabrics such as sheers. Second, you have option for opaque fabrics. These are indicated to avoid prying eyes and, above all, to ensure your rest and that of your family.

And of course, you should also choose the most suitable colours for your rooms. That will already depend on the decorative style you have in your home. Solid colours or patterned curtains. The plain ones offer a great feeling of spaciousness. With the patterns, your curtains will attract attention, but they may detract from the rest of the elements that you have in your house.

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