Different types of Washing Machine used in Dry Process

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Dry process is a process which is applied at the dry condition of the garments is called dry process. This process is generally done at the unwashed condition of the garments. Dry process ornaments the denim garments. Most of the time dry process is done manually.

Different types of Machine Used in Dry Process for Denim

Sand Blasting Machine

These machines are used to remove the color from the garments. Sands directly hit on the garments surface by air pressure and the color come out from the garments surface. But now a days this process is not used due to environmental and health hazardous.

Stationary Sand Blasting Machine

Hand Sand Machine

Actually it is not a machine, it is a dummy. This machine contains one balloon, sand, and some pneumatic signals. Garments are put on dummy and then give air pressure and the process have done. We have to give proper air pressure; otherwise crease mark will come out at the time of hand sanding.

Hand Sand Machine

3-D Crinkle

This is the machine which is used for 3d crinkle. This crinkle slightly different from normal crinkle, one is two dimension and another is three dimension. This machine has some patterns which are put inside the garments and is heated at oven. Before putting the garments into the oven, we have to use resins at specific place. At first the resin is sprayed at the specific area of the garments and then put into the handle of the machine and making 3d crinkle as per required, after making 3d crinkle sent to oven for curing for pretreatment reaction.

3-D Crinkle

Plastic Staple Machine

This machine is used to tack the garments. This machine has needle and plastic pin. The workers press the paddle of the machine and then moves by the help of a motor and needle goes inside the fabric.

Plastic Staple Machine

Laser Machine

This machine is used for whisker by burning the garments. This process is done by light emitting system. First time have to make a design for whisker by using Photoshop and Illustrator and then it will impose on garments after selecting the intensity of burn.

Laser machine

Normal Crinkle Machine

To squeeze the garments, this machine is used. At first we have to apply resin on specific area of garments and then squeeze the garments of that specific area at high temperature for a specific period of time. This type of crinkle is made for crimping after wash.

Normal Crinkle Machine

Pen Grinding Machine

This machine is used to destroy the garments. This machine is operated by pneumatic signals or electric signals. One stone is attached with this machine at the front side. When this stone moves with high speed on the specific area of garments it damages that specific area.

Pen Grinding Machine

Pressing Machine

Pressing machine is used for pressing the garments by heat and it makes permanent palette. In this machine we use steam as heat. First we have to press the garments by using steam to produce heat. Then the fabric reacts with resin.

Pressing Machine

Abrasive Paper

Abrasive paper is used to scrap the garments. This paper has so many grades. Generally in washing plant we use some of the grades like 220, 320, 420 and 620. This serial is based on the power of the paper. If the number is less power is more and if the number is high power is less.

Abrasive Paper


This is the machine in which curing is done. After the crinkle is done we put the garments in the oven for a specific time. We maintain temperature at 1500C because at this temperature the reaction of curing is occurred. At curing reaction resin reacts with cellulose and makes bond. This oven may be of gas, electric or other fuel based. Gas oven
is easy to operate. Curing oven is two types. Open door or conveyor belt type and close door oven.

Open Door/Conveyor belt Oven

It is a continuous type oven which gives the production continuously. It can also be called conveyor belt oven. Ovens main door cannot be closed as the conveyor belt moves within the door. Productivity is more than close door oven. We have to set the retention time for this oven and the garments move inside the oven according to our set time. After completing the circle garments should be taken out. But the retention time depends on the standard. This ovens price is more.

Conveyor belt Oven

Close Door

In the close door oven garments are hanged with hanger and then put in the oven. After putting the garments inside the oven door closed for a certain time at curing temperature. The time and temperature is set previously. After curing has been completed the garments will be take out within the door. Installation of this close door oven is less than open door oven.

Close Door Oven

Whisker Pattern

Whisker pattern is a kind of machine by which we can do whisker. This pattern is made by rubber sheets and art paper or only rubber sheets. After making the patterns put inside the garments and then scrap with sand paper.

Whisker pattern

PP Spray Cabin

This is the cabin that contains spray gun and rubber dummy. At first the garments are put on dummy and then spray pp by gun. This cabin has two or three exhaust fan. This fan exhausts the dust or pp smell from cabin. Potassium
permanganate is hanged inside the cabin by bucket. When the workers start to spray the solution comes from the bucket with the help of the air pressure.

PP Spray Cabin

Grinding Machine

This machine is used to grind the edges of garments. This has two wheels or more than two. These wheels move at a high speed by an electric motor. The garments edges come in contact with the wheels and become slightly damaged.

Grinding machine
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