Different Types of Machine used in Garment Washing Plant: Wet Process

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The machine which we use directly for washing is called washing machine. Washing machines are used in the washing plant. We can do all types of washing with these washing machines. Washing machines can also be used for garments dyeing. Sometimes after washing these machines are also used for spinning purpose. But spinning is only done with front loading washing machine. Washing machines can be divided into two categories based on loading.

Different types of Machine used in Denim Washing Plant are as follows:

Front Loading

The machine which can be loaded from front side is called front loading machine. This is a computerized machine and also a modern washing machine. This machine is automatically controlled. It has also good operating system. Dyeing facilities are also good. This machine also has some disadvantages like rpm problem, not user friendly compared with belly machine, bleaching process is very critical, parts are not available etc.

Front loading

Top Loading

The machine which is loaded from the top side is called top loading machine. This machine is manually operated. This is also called belly machine. The advantages of this machine are: easy to operate, manually controlled, user friendly, workers are available etc. Some disadvantages are: difficult to control all parameters, have to handle manually, not suitable for garments dyeing etc.

Top loading

Hydro Extractor


Hydro extractor machine is used for removing water from garments. After washing we put the garments into hydro extractor machine. Hydro extractor machine works based on the centrifugal forces. When hydro extractor is moving with high speed materials and water wants to go outside. Materials cannot but water will go. About 70-80 percent of water is removed by this process.

Ozone Machine

After washing this machine is used to change the color of garments. This machine is also used for washing purpose. Sustainable washing can be done with this machine. No water treatment is required as there is no water consumption. It is considered that, in the near future this machine will be more popular. This machine is incorporated for removing back stain, to make light shade without using chemicals and for cleaning the surface of tinted garments.

Ozone Machine

Gas Dryer

In this dryer heat is produced by burning natural gas. When the dryer drum keeps moving this heat is applied on garments. The dryer drum takes heat from the upper part of the dryer.

Gas dryer

Steam Dryer

In this dryer steam is converted to heat by using a heat exchanger. Then the heat is applied on the garments and dried. The name of heat exchanger is condenser. Condenser converted the steam to heat.

Steam Dryer
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