What is Clothing Label RN Number?

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Definition of RN Number

RN stands for Registered Identification Number. It is a unique number assigned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to identify companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell textile products in the United States. The RN number can be found on the garment label and other information such as the brand name, care instructions, and fiber content.

RN number in Clothing Label

The purpose of the RN number is to help consumers and regulatory agencies identify the company responsible for a particular textile product. This is important for a few reasons. Knowing the company behind a product can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. For example, if consumers have had a negative experience with a particular brand, they may avoid purchasing products from that company.

Regulatory agencies can use the RN number to track down companies that may violate labeling or advertising laws. The FTC has specific rules for how textile products must be labeled and advertised, and companies that fail to comply with these rules may face penalties.

Is RN Number Necessary?

It’s worth noting that not all companies must have an RN number on their garment labels. Small businesses that meet specific criteria may be exempt from this requirement. Additionally, some companies may use alternative labeling systems, such as a name or a trademark, instead of an RN number. However, suppose a company does choose to use an RN number. In that case, it must ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date, and complying with all appropriate labeling and advertising regulations.

Is RN number necessary?

How do You get an RN?

To obtain a Registered Identification Number (RN) from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you need to follow these steps:

Determine if You Need an RN

The FTC requires businesses that manufacture, import, distribution, or sale of textile, fur, or wool products in the United States to have an RN. You may need to obtain an RN if your business falls into one of these categories.

Register with the FTC

You can register for an RN by completing the online registration form on the FTC’s website. The state requires you to provide information about your business, such as the legal name, trade name (if applicable), business address, contact information, and type of products you manufacture import, distribute, or sell.

Submit Application

Once you have completed the registration form, you must apply to the FTC. If needed, the FTC will review your application and contact you for additional information or documentation.

Receive RN Number

If your application is approved, the FTC will issue you a unique RN number associated with your business.

Use RN on Labels

Once you have received your RN number, you can use it on the labels of your products. The RN should be displayed on the label clearly and conspicuously and easily legible and durable.

How to find RN number?

If you are looking to locate the RN number of a textile or clothing product in the United States, you can follow these steps:

Check The Garment Label

Look for a label attached to the garment that provides details about the manufacturer, distributor, or importer. The RN number may be listed on this label, commonly near other required information such as fiber content, care instructions, and country of origin.

Look For the RN Number Online

If you cannot find it on the apparel label, you may be able to find it online. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains a database of RN numbers on its website, which permits you to search for RN numbers associated with registered companies.

To search for an RN number online, you can follow these steps:

Visit the FTC’s RN Database website at here.

Enter the RN or partial RN numbers (if you do not have the complete RN number) into the search field.

Click the “Search” button.

How to find RN number?

Review the search results to see if the RN number corresponds to the manufacturer or distributor of the garment in question.

Contact the Manufacturer or Distributor

You can contact the manufacturer or distributor directly if you cannot find the RN number on the garment label or through online searches. They may be able to provide you with the RN number or other relevant information about the product.

If the Company is not in the US, What can you use instead of an RN?

Suppose your company is located outside the United States, and you are not required to use the Registered Identification Number (RN) issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In that case, you may consider other options to identify your business on garment labels. Here are some alternatives:

Company Name or Trademark

You can include your company name or trademark on the garment label to identify your business. This can be done using text or a logo that represents your company. Make sure the name or trademark is accurate and registered, if applicable.

Business Address or Contact Information

You can include your business address or contact information on the garment label, such as a phone number or email address. This allows consumers to contact your business for inquiries or feedback.

Brand Logo

If your company has a distinctive brand logo, you can use it on the garment label as a form of identification. This can help establish brand recognition and differentiate your products in the market.

Country of Origin

You can indicate the garment’s country of origin on the label. This can be especially important for countries with specific labeling requirements, such as some jurisdictions’ “Made in” labeling regulations.

Unique Product Identifier

You can assign a unique product identifier, such as a serial number or barcode, to each garment and include it on the label. This can be used as a way to track and identify your products.

It’s essential to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country or region where your garments are sold. Labeling requirements can vary depending on the jurisdiction, and it’s recommended to consult with local legal or regulatory authorities, or seek professional legal advice, to ensure that your garment labels comply with your target market’s specific requirements.

Can You Use More Than One RN?

According to the FTC’s regulations, a company should have only one RN number and be consistently used on all products manufactured, imported, distributed, or sold by that company. The RN number is intended to identify the business entity responsible for the product, and it is not transferable or assignable to other businesses or products.

If a business operates under different trade names or has multiple locations, it is generally not allowed to obtain various RN numbers for each trade name or location. Instead, the business should consistently use the same RN number across all its products, regardless of the trade name or location associated with the consequences.

What if Your Company Transfers After Obtaining an RN?

Suppose your business moves to a new physical location after obtaining an RN from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In that case, you must update the FTC with the new address associated with your RN. It is essential to keep your RN information up-to-date to ensure FTC regulations compliance.

The FTC guides how to update your RN information in case of a change in business address. You can follow these steps:

Notify the FTC

You should contact the FTC to inform them of your change in the business address associated with your RN. You can do this by sending a written notice to the FTC’s RN Program or submitting the information online through the FTC’s RN database.

Provide Updated Information

In your notification, you should provide the updated business address, including the new street address, city, state, and zip code, as well as any other relevant contact information, such as phone number or email address.

Update Labels

Once the FTC has updated your RN information, you should ensure that your apparel labels are updated with the new address. All functional textile, fur, or wool products manufactured, imported, distributed, or sold by your business should bear the correct and current RN information on the labels.

It’s important to note that the FTC requires RN holders to update their information within 60 days of any changes, including changes in business address. Failure to update your RN information with the FTC on time may result in non-compliance with FTC regulations, which could lead to penalties or legal consequences.

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