Fabric Consumption Per Dozen of a Shirt

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We use woven shirts in our daily life both for official and unofficial purposes. In balance with modernity, shirts of different colors and designs are available in several outlets. Sometimes the question arises about how these shirts are made and how their consumption is done. Consumption calculation is done per dozen. In this article, we will know about the fabric consumption per dozen of a woven shirt.

To estimate the fabric consumption per dozen of a shirt, we need to determine the fabric consumption for a particular garment size. The standard sizes for a shirt are small (S), Medium (M), large (L), Extra-large (XL), and Double extra-large (XXL).

Fabric Consumption per dozen of Shirts

Measurement chart may be supplied by the buyer or you can avail standard measurement chart. Here, for the determination of fabric consumption for a shirt, measurement chart for shirt supplied by a buyer is considered and shown in the following table:

Fabric Consumption Per Dozen Of A Shirt

For medium size (M)

For Body Section:

{Body length (From HSP) + Allowance} {1/2 X Chest + Allowance} X 2

= (74cm + 5cm) (55cm + 6cm) X 2

= 79cm X 61cm X 2

= 9638 cm2

Sleeve Section:

= (Sleeve length + Allowance) X (Arm hole straight + Allowance) X 2 X 2

= (65cm + 4cm) X (23cm + 3cm) X 4

= 69cm X 26cm X 4

= 7176 cm2

Collar and Collar band:

(Collar band length + Allowance) X (Collar band + Collar point + Allowance) X 2

= (41cm + 3cm) X (3cm + 7cm + 4cm) X 2

= 1232 cm2


(Pocket length + Allowance) X (Pocket width + Allowance)

= (14cm + 3cm) X (12cm + 2cm)

= 238cm2

Extra Yoke:

(Shoulder across + Allowance) X (Yoke height + Allowance)

= (48cm + 4cm) X ((11.5cm + 4cm)

= 52cm X 15.5cm

= 806cm2

Now, the fabric consumption per shirt will be = 9638 + 7176 + 1232 + 238 + 806 cm2

                        = 19090 cm2

                        = 1.91 m2

The fabric width may vary to a wide range, but the common fabric width is 110cm for making the shirt. If 147cm width of the fabric is used to manufacture the shirt, then the fabric consumption per shift will be:

                        = 19090cm2/147cm

                        = 129.86cm

                        = 1.298m

                        = 1.30m/pc

To convert the fabric consumption per dozen, size ratio should be taken into account. Here an assumed example is given below:

It is calculated that the fabric consumption per dozen for the said shirt is 15.82m. The actual consumption of the shirt may be slightly less than the calculated consumption when the marker for the shirt is done. When fabric order quantity is determined, fabric defect, fabric wastage, and garment wastage must be kept in mind.

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