Different types of Garments Wash

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Normally garment or apparel washing means cleaning of dirty garments with soap or detergent. But it is not that garments washing. An industrial apparel washing is a technology. The technology which is used to modify the outlook, appearance, comfort-ability and design of the ready made apparel made from solid color dyed or pigment printed fabric is called garments washing.

Apparel washing industries need the following machines for various types of apparel washing. The most common machines are:

  • Garments washing machine
  • Hydro-extractor
  • Garments drying machine
  • Sand blasting unit
  • Boiler for steam generation
  • Wash water treatment plant
Different types of Garment Wash

Garments washing machine is the main machine where most apparel washing is done.

Various Types of Garments Wash

Normal Wash

Normal washing is the simplest type of washing with lowest washing cost. By this system starch materials present in the new garment is removed together with dirt, hence after wash the garments feel soft during use. During normal wash on garments, washing effect could be varied by altering washing temperature, washing time, quantity of detergent used etc.

Pigment Wash

Pigment washing process is similar to normal washing process. Apparels are made from pigment dyed or pigment printed fabric.  Then the apparels are subjected to pigment washing. By this washing, fading effect is produced in the garments.

Bleach Wash

There is a similarity between bleach and pigment washing. In both the cases, partial color fading effect is produced. In case of bleach washing, the fabrics of the apparels are normally dyed with direct or reactive dye.

Stone Wash

It is done on the garments made from heavy fabrics like denim and jeans. It is a very popular wash. Due to this type of washing, different types of irregular color fading effect is produced. Moreover, shrinkage also occurs in the apparels resulting correct size of the garments.

Acid Wash

Apparels made from denim and heavy jeans fabric are normally considered for acid wash. Fading effect is produced in irregular pattern by the use of pumic stone. Garments like trouser and jackets are frequently washed by acid washing technique.

Enzyme Wash

Enzyme wash is done on the apparels made from heavy fabrics like jeans and denim. Cellulose enzyme is used for this type of wash. This cellulose enzymes hydrolysis the projecting hairy cotton fibres of the apparels fabric surfaces and also removes color. Use of stone makes brushing action on the garment fabric surface; as a result irregular color fading effect is produced and also contributes to removal of projecting hairy cotton fibres.

Sand Blasting

It is a mechanical process of faded effect formation of apparels made from heavy fabrics like denim and jeans. At present time sand blasting is a very popular garments washing. The sand blasting process is normally followed by a wash or dyeing process. The subsequent wash may be a normal, bleach, enzyme wash etc.

Super white Wash

Super white washing is done on the apparels made from cotton grey fabrics. Due to this type of washing, the apparels become extremely white. Washing is done in three steps.

Caustic Wash

In the case of caustic wash, pre-treatment and printing of the garments fabric is little bit different than the normal process. Normally printing on fabric is done after pre-treatment of grey fabric that is desizing, scouring and bleaching. But in case of caustic wash, printing is done on the fabric without pre-treatment of the fabric. These fabrics are used to manufacture apparels. Then the apparels are subjected to caustic wash. During caustic wash 20% – 30% pigment is washed out, as a result different color fading effect is produced in the apparels.

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