Different types of Garments Wash used in the Wet Process

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In garments washing there are two processes. One is a wet process and another is a dry process. The process which we do in the wet condition is called the wet process. In the wet process, we use different types of garments wash. Now we will describe them as follows:

Rinse Wash

Rinse wash is done only by water and slight detergent and backstair. This shade is dark and not so much different from its raw denim. This process has some problems like colorfastness to dry rubbing, wet rubbing, and washing failure.

Rinse Washed

Garments Wash

Garments wash is a combination of rinse wash and softener wash. At first rinse, the wash is done and then softener wash is completed. In this wash, the color will not reduce. Generally, the garments remain almost tonally unchanged. Garments wash also has some problems like colorfastness to dry rubbing, wet rubbing and washing failure.

Garments Washed

Enzyme Wash

This wash is so-called because an enzyme is used in this wash. Normally washing means enzyme wash. After this washing, the garments become nice to look at. According to the requirement of shade, the enzyme may be neutral or acidic. It is one kind of laundering process that uses enzymes to clean or finish the garments or textiles. This wash is especially done for jeans. Enzyme wash also carries economic and environmental benefits. On an industrial scale, it has replaced laborious laundering techniques such as stone washing.

Enzyme Washed

Heavy Enzyme Stone Wash

In this type of wash enzyme and stone are used together. If we want to avoid the damages we have to follow some precautions. In this type of wash heavy abrasion occurs. This wash is especially done for denim. As a result of this wash medium level of shade comes. If we use bleaching light shade will come.

Heavy Enzyme Stone Washed

Enzyme Bleaching Wash

In this type of wash at first, we use an enzyme, and then we use bleaching process. As a result of this wash, the light shade comes out. Chlorine and non-chlorine bleach can be used for this wash. To reduce indigo color or other colors bleaching is used.

Enzyme Bleaching Washed

Acid Wash

Acid wash is done by using Potash and Stone. At first, we have to dip the stone in a potash solution and then slightly dry the stone and wash it in a washing machine. As a result of acid wash, we will get an uneven look on garments.

Acid Washed

Tie wash

By tie washing we will get uneven crease on garments. Tie wash is done by tiding the garments and then washing them. We tie the garments according to standards. Basically, for this wash, we have to do enzyme or bleach wash. As a result of tiding the garments, the sharp edges come in contact with the machine and the effects come out.

Tie washed

Rubber Ball Wash

Rubber ball wash is a garment and softener wash. In this process, garments will be softer and at the same time seam abrasion will come. We use this wash to get a more hand feel of garments. Rubber balls are added in the same bath of softener or in the dryer with the garments.

Rubber Ball Washed

Towel Bleach Wash

This wash is like an acid wash. It is one kind of an uneven wash. We get uneven shade from this wash. At first, we cut the towel into small pieces and dip it in the bleaching solution. After that, we take these out from the solution and slightly dry them. Then the garments and towels are tumbled in another machine for a certain period of time. After tumbling we have to neutral the garments properly. Now we will see that some places of garments are discolored or changed in color where the towel pieces touched the garments.

Towel Bleach Washed

Pigment Wash

The wash which we do for pigment color is called pigment wash. This wash is done to make the garments fashionable.  The garments surface becomes more uneven. In this wash, color stays on the garment’s surface.

Pigment Washed

Resin Wash

In this wash, we directly use a resin that’s why it is called resin wash. Resin is used at a specific percentage. Generally, we use this wash when we need less hand feel and a more shine look. Resin also fixes the color with the fabric.

Resin Washed

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