The 15 best Types of Shorts for Men and Women

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Short is a trouser that ends middle of the ankle and knee or above. To have a great informal and stylish look shorts are the best especially in the summer season. Earlier shorts were considered as an improper attire for women but now a day shorts have become exceptionally popular attire for both men and women.

The 15 best Types of Shorts for Men and Women

Definition of Shorts

Shorts can be defined as short trousers or short pants that are shorter in length. It is a multi-gender short pant that ranges bottom of the knee to any shorter desired length.

The 15 best Types of Shorts

There are different types of shorts according to style, raw material and end use. But we will discuss about the most popular types of shorts listed below:

Bermuda short is a knee-length semi-formal type of short which is also known as walk or dress short. Though its name is Bermuda it was not invented in Bermuda. It was designed in the 20th century in England for the British Soldiers to survive in the tropical and sub-tropical climates. Its leg opening hangs up to one to three inch above the knee having a hand sewn hem. Now a day it is worn by both men and women.

Bermuda Short

It can be made from both denim and non-denim fabrics having a variety of colors. It can be worn with T – Shirts, blazers, sports jackets or light weight sweaters.

Booty short is a low rise short having a very short length. It will cover the minimal area of the body parts. Generally, it is worn by women only having a great posture. Sometimes it is worn under the short skirts. It can be made from denim, fake leather or synthetic shiny fabrics. Casually it is not recommended but is recommended for the beach area and summer parties.

Booty Short 

Originally boxer shorts were worn by the boxing participants. The current boxer shorts having elastic band at waist are alternative to leather belted trunks typically worn by the boxers. Some boxer shorts have a fly hole to facilitate your urination process. If you think about the comfort, then boxer short is the best choice. It can be worn both as an underwear and as a short. Generally, it is worn by men but sometimes ladies can also wear them as a casual wear. You can also try it during sleeping at night. Due its versatile uses and comfort it has become so popular.

Boxer Short

Boyfriend short is a loose fit short having a short length and also looks like the jeans worn by men. It is very comfortable to wear regardless of its raw materials. Generally, it is made by denim fabrics having shank button at waist, rivets, zipper, pockets and hand sewn hem. It is suitable for casual and semi casual events.

Boyfriend Short

Capri short is also known as Three Quarter as it covers the length down to 3 to 5 inch above the ankle. Now a day it has become very popular as it can be worn on any occasion. It is very comfortable and attractive in design. It also gives advantages during the rainy season as the leg opening area can’t be caught by the rain. It can be paired up with tops, T-Shirts, high hill or flat shoes, sandals etc. Different types of capris like printed Capri, Solid colored Capri, denim Capri, patterned Capri etc. are available.

Capri Short

Boy shorts are extremely fashionable for young girls having a tight fitting and short length. Like the booty shorts it has low rise in design. But it is longer than the booty shorts. These are recommended for pool side parties and beaches.

Boy Shorts

Chino short is the best designed short among all the shorts across the world preferred by most of the people. Sometimes it is called the knee-length shorts or walking shorts made of made of a cotton twill fabric with a solid color. It has long side pockets, back pocket, zipper and button as a closing fastener. It is tight fitting, fashionable and preferable for casual or semi-casual occasions.

Chino Short

Cargo Shorts are the most popular among all the shorts due to its casual view. These bear more than three cargo baggy pockets with flaps. These are like chino shorts, but the main difference is the pockets. As cargos have many pockets but chinos don’t have so many pockets. These are combat shorts suitable for camping and hiking activities. As you can manage different tools like knife, lighter, ropes, compass etc. in the pockets. Khaki, navy, brown and olive colors are the recommended colors for cargo shorts.

Cargo Shorts

Cut of shorts are the shorts that are made in home by cutting the length of trousers or jeans when they have been used. Depending on the wearers taste the length starts just below the crotch to any length above the knee. These have a rough edge at the leg opening area as they are simply cut off from the rest of the pants and kept unhemmed. Sometimes laces can be attached at the cut portions to give them a great look. These are mostly loved by the females and are recommended only for informal occasions.

Cut of Shorts

Cycling shorts are long and form fitting shorts specifically designed for the cyclists to reduce chafing during cycling. These are made of fabrics from synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester etc. blended with spandex. Spandex facilitates the maximum stretch ability which creates comfort to the wearer. These are recommended both for casual bi-cycle riding and for long tours.

Cycling Shorts

Dolphin short is a unisex short designed for athletics. It is very shot in length originally made of nylon having waist band, contrast piping, side slits and round corners. It was very popular among the 9080s teenage girls. But now a day it is mostly used as an active wear by men, women and teenagers.

Dolphin Short

Jamaican short is a type of short which covers the length between crotch portion and knee. Its length is not so long and not so short. This is comfortable as well as fashionable. As this short have a perfect length this can be worn on any occasion by both men and women.

Jamaican Short

Skort is a type of short made by the combination of short and skirt. In other word, it is a skirt with a short stitching into it. It gives comfort to the wearer as there is no risk to fall in an embarrassing moment if you wear it. So, who hesitates about wearing skirts can try this out. It is also recommended as a sports wear due to its security. This can be worn with T-Shirt or Tops. As this gives you a formal look you can try this out for any occasion.


Surfing short is also known as board short, best choice for surfing boards. It is a loose fitting short that reaches the knees. It is an alternative to the baggies. It bears a drawstring set in waist that secures the clothing item. It is slightly longer than swim shorts having no lining. Originally it was made of cotton but now a day nylon and polyester shorts are mostly due to the performance. Floral printed design and solid neon color shorts will be the best choices for surfing shorts.

Surfing Short

Trunk short is a swimwear used by men during sunbath or swimming. It has both shell and inner lining. Shell can be made from both polyester and nylon, but lining is always made of polyester.  Lining gives comfort when swimming. It has also side pockets. It can also bear a functional and non-functional drawstring. It comes in a variety of colors and designs that you can easily choose to wear.

Trunk Short

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