Why Women’s Underwear Bears a Pocket? Find the Reasons

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Women’s fashion can be weird. As most of the ladies know the disadvantages of dresses without pockets while for some reason women’s underwear often bears a pocket! It’s not big enough to fit much even if you wanted to. And considering how uncomfortable it would be to keep your phone or wallet down there! Anyway, you probably wouldn’t want to do that.

Underwear Pocket

At first, we need to know that pocket in the crotch of women’s underwear actually has a name: the gusset or gusset lining. It is also called crotch pocket. And gussets aren’t meant to store something and also not for decoration. In fact, gusset serves some important purposes to protect the lady parts.

A gusset is a fabric lining having shape of triangle or diamond sewn with the crotch portion of undies gives reinforcement and improves shape and breathability. The fabric structure is always single jersey.

There could be two types of gussets. One is cotton and another is silk. Sometimes spandex (5% to 10%) is also used blended with the cotton. Cotton crotch is a natural fabric having fast moisture wicking properties. It helps to keep the area dry and well ventilated. On the other hand, Silk crotch is a natural highly durable fabric having odor resistance. It has also good breathability.

Now a day, undies come in different sizes and designs having lace, silk, cotton, nylon, polyester etc. Some of these fabrics can create problems down the lower part. And so gusset comes in to avoid the problems.

Generally, women’s underwear is made from synthetic raw materials. Though synthetic lace might look sexy, it is not breathable enough which means that bacteria and sweat can build up quickly and get trapped in the underwear.

That’s why gussets are normally made from cotton which is a breathable and natural fabric to keep things dry and ventilated down there.

So, what are the reason for the pocket in women’s underwear? Let’s find the reasons:

  • Not only does the gusset make things more hygienic, but that little bit of extra fabric also cuts down risk of uncomfortable conditions like yeast infections and urinary tract infections by making panties more breathable.
  • As synthetic materials aren’t so much comfortable so think of how scratchy bare lace can feel on the sensitive skin. And so, gussets provide a soft and cozy place for the lady bits to rest upon and also protect them from friction.
  • If you have to be active throughout the day, breathability is an important factor. If you think you’re going to be sweating, you need to skip the synthetic materials. That means if you’re going to run or hitting up in the gym, you need to wear cotton unless you may have the risk of inflammation or an infection.
  • Having gusset in undies ensure the dry condition and also make the place harmless.
  • It helps to improve shape of undies and create the way to have easy movement.

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