The 10 Best Types of Leggings with Images

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At first in the thirteenth century in Europe, cowboys started to use hose made of deer skins as protective wear to protect their legs from rubbing when they ride on horses. At the very beginning of nineteenth century the concept of leggings or tights came and later in 1960s it became very popular.

Different types of Leggings


Leggings or tights are the skintight bottoms having elastic waistband. These re known for their softness, elasticated waistband, comfortable and lightweight. These are very popular for working out in the gym or taking a class. These are also used as trousers and now a day these are used as casual wear. Women or girls wear them with tops, denim jackets, skirts and so on. Leggings are very easy to carry.

Raw materials used for Leggings

Now a day legging has become a part of fashion. These can be used as bottoms, active wear as well as casual wear. As the versatility of leggings, the fabric from which it is made is really very important. So, before buying it you should know about the fabric raw materials.

It can be made of 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is very soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. But the main drawback of 100% cotton is it’s not stretchable. For casual wear cotton leggings are the best. But when cotton is blended with spandex, it gets elastic properties which makes it suitable for active wear.

Polyester is another popular raw material for leggings. Leggings made of polyester are light weight, breathable, non-absorbent, wrinkle-resistant and durable which making it a very popular choice for active wear. Spandex can also be blended with polyester to make it more comfortable.

When leather is used as a raw material for leggings it brings an aristocracy to the product. Normally man-made or fake leather is used to make the leggings. These are shiny, elegant, and classical looking. These can be worn with sweater, jackets or outerwear.

Leggings made of wool are perfect for cold weather as they keep your body warm. Nylon is also a popular raw material for leggings. Nylon-spandex blend is also used. These are durable, mildew resistant, light weight and wrinkle free.

Different types of Leggings

There are various types of leggings according to raw materials, length and style. The best type of leggings is listed below:

  1. Footed Legging
  2. Full Length Legging
  3. Mid Length Legging
  4. Knee Length Legging
  5. Jegging
  6. Leather Legging
  7. Printed Legging
  8. Ripped Legging
  9. Shiny Legging
  10. Stirrup Legging

Footed leggings have a look like pantyhose but the fabric from which it is made is coarser. As it covers the feet, needed to wear with shoes and it is very useful in the winter season. These can be worn with shorts and skirts.

Footed Legging

Full length leggings cover the length down to ankle. These are also called ankle-length leggings. These can be used in all the seasons but preferable for winter season. These can be the alternative to jeans. These can be paired with shirts, sweaters, tanks, jackets, tunics and blazers.

Full Length Legging

Mid length leggings cover the three fourth length of feet. These sit down to knees or mid-calf. These are great for working out and suitable for warm weather. These are worn with kurtis, tank tops and skirts.

Mid Length Legging

Knee length leggings cover the length just down to knees. These are preferable for dance, yoga, working out or gymnastics.

Knee Length Legging

Jeggings are made with the combination of jeans and leggings. Different types of jeggings are available according to material, length and color. These also provide posterior support than other leggings. Jeggings are preferable to worn with tops, T-shirts, tunics and jackets.


Leather leggings are normally made with fake leather are suitable for casual wear. Leggings made of faux leather are preferable for cold weather. These look shiny, elegant and fashionable. These are a total compliment tendril and keep your body ultra-comfortable. These can be worn with Jackets, Shirts, tops and sweaters.

Leather Legging

Printed leggings are made of knit printed fabrics that look colorful. These are versatile in design and color. These can be of Floral, Tribal, Leopard, Tiger, African and Galaxy printed. These can be worn in every season with solid colored tops.

Printed Legging

Ripped leggings have cut in them and are very fashionable and trendy. These are preferable with casual wear and party wear. The dark colors would be the best color choice for ripped leggings.

Ripped Legging

Shiny leggings are made of fabrics blended with polyester, nylon and elastane having metallic effect. Black, silver, gold and maroon colors are preferable. When you want to go to disco, party or club then shiny leggings are perfect choice.

Shiny Legging

At the very beginning stirrup leggings were designed for riding horses. The leg opening is designed having a strap covers the lower part of feet so that it doesn’t come above the boots during horse riding. Later on, it became a part of the fashion world. Now a day these are popular for sportswear and active wear.

Stirrup Legging

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