Fashion Vs Style: 10 Key Differences Between Fashion and Style

Last updated on July 10th, 2023 at 11:24 am

In this modern era, Fashion and style are two very common words. Fashion and Style seem almost as the same, but they are totally different in meaning. There are many differences between them. To clarify yourself about these words, you should go through this article.

Difference between fashion and style

Definition of Fashion

Fashion may be defined as the dressing according to what’s fashionable now and Style is more about being yourself. Fashion is what we see now on TV, Fashion Show, and Magazines. Fashion can be anything like dresses, make-up, shoes, accessories etc. which being made popular by fashion houses, model, actors and actresses. 

Definition of Style

Style is unique to everyone. A person individually chooses which one is the most comfortable for him. A person’s own opinion and own choice blooms by Style. In short, when the fashion is modified by an individual, then it is called style.

Difference Between Fashion and Style 

It is a trend and this trend change from time to time.It is a personal adaptation of fashion.
It is generic.It is individualistic.
It is temporary.It is permanent and timeless.
It is not a creation of individuals.It is a creation of individuals.
Fashion doesn’t depend on Style.Style depends on Fashion.
It depends on clothing and accessories.It doesn’t depend on clothing and accessories and can be associated with anything that makes individuals look stylish.
It is adapting to what is in at the moment.It is something that is one’s own creation.
You must put importance on Fashion Magazines, News, Fashion shows etc.You must know yourself inside and outside. This includes your body type and which colors look the most flattering on you.
It is the relationship to the external.It is the relationship to the internal.
It is what everybody wears.It is what you wear.
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