Dyeing VS Printing | Key Differences Between Dyeing and Printing

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Dyeing and printing are the most common terms for textile manufacturers. These terms look accessible here but are challenging to finalize because proper shade matching is complex in the dyeing and printing industries. Therefore, very skilled staffing and skilled dyeing master are needed here.

These terms are different from each other. But some of us do not know about these terms. In this article, we will discuss the difference between dyeing and printing.

Definition of Dyeing

Dyeing is the process by which textile material is changed physically and chemically and finally looks like colored materials.

Definition of Printing

Printing means partial or localized dyeing. It can be described as the controlled placing of defined areas of color onto a substrate.

Dyeing vs Printing

Difference Between Dyeing and Printing Method

It means full dyeing of fabric.It means partial dyeing of the fabric.
Fabrics, yarns, and fibres are generally dyed.Only fabric is printed.
Dyed both sides of the fabric.One side is printed.
Here, specific shade matching is necessary.Here, a specific design is necessary.
Generally, 3-4 dyes are used to make a specific shade.One or more color is used.
Color is applied in solution form.Color is applied in thick paste form.
Thickener is not used.Thickener is necessary.
A large amount of water is used.Small amount of water is used.
Steaming or curing is not necessary.Steaming or curing is necessary for fixation.
It is not so expensive.It is comparatively Expensive.
The dyed fabric is relatively soft.The printed fabric is relatively harsh.
The liquor ratio is high.The liquor ratio is less.
Dye solution concentration is less in the dye bath.Printing paste concentration is higher in printing.
Dyeing is done on grey fabric.Printing is done on grey or dyed fabric
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