Cotton Vs Jute: Find the Key Differences

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Cotton is the mostly used natural cellulose fibre on earth and Jute is the second mostly used natural cellulose fibre. Production levels of Cotton and Jute are the same. Both are water absorbent and biodegradable fibres. Both fibres are also breathable. India is the largest producing country of cotton and Bangladesh is the largest producing country of Jute. Though both of the fibres have similarities we will discuss about the dissimilarities in this article.

Cotton Vs Jute: Find the Key differences


Cotton is a pure cellulose staple fibre that grows around the seeds in the boll of the cotton plant.  Near about 30% of the total fiber consumption on earth is cotton. It can be harvested both by manual and by machine method. Previously it was harvested by hand by the farmers but now a day it is harvested by mechanical method. It grows well in warm weather.

Cotton Yarn

The fibre is spun into yarns and the yarns are woven or knitted into breathable textile fabrics. These fabrics are used to make clothing, towels, mats, bags, home textiles, socks, underwear, fishing nets etc. Products made from cotton are comfortable to wear resistant to static electricity.


It is a natural and one of the strongest fibres. It is also the cheapest among all the fibres. Like hemp, and flax it is a bast fibre. Jute plant grows well in the tropical countries like Bangladesh and India. Jute fibre obtained from the bark of the jute plant. It is cultivated traditionally, and its cultivation is similar conditions to organic farming.

Jute Fibre

Little jute plant can be eaten as vegetable. It is used to make curtains, paper, shoes, carpet backing, backing cloth, sack, Lounge Chairs, lunch bags, heavy ropes etc. It can also be blended with cotton to make premium quality products like shirts, trousers, coats and other form of clothing.

Cotton Vs Jute: Find the differences between Cotton and Jute

  • Cotton grows well in warm weather and requires medium rain fall. Jute grows in the rainy season.
  • Jute fibre is cheaper than Cotton.
  • Cotton is a soft and fluffy fibre grows in the form of a boll which is known as cotton ball. Jute fibre is obtained from the stem of the jute plant.
  • Cotton has 90% cellulose and Jute has 60% cellulose.
  • Jute fibre is stronger than cotton fibre.
  • Cotton grows near about 80% of the total natural fibre produced. On the other hand, Jute grows about 8% to 10% of total natural fibre produced.
  • When flowers grow in cotton plant, it looks like yellowish-white colour which turns into red color after some days and gradually flowers change into cotton balls. On the other hand, Jute plant grows about 3 meters in length and gives yellow flowers within few months and then the plant is cut down for further processing.
  • Cotton is versatile in uses. First it is spun into light weight yarns and the yarns are woven or knitted into breathable and stunning fabrics and the yarns or fabrics are used to make durable clothing, denims, bags, home textiles, towels etc. On the other hand, Jute is a shiny plant which is used to make coarser and strong yarns. The yarns are used to make Mattress, bags, carpet backing etc.
  • Cotton has great thermal conductivity and anti-static properties, and Jute has low thermal conductivity and anti-static properties.
  • Jute is a better choice to make technical textiles compared to Cotton.
  • Cotton fibre can be white, creamy white, yellowish white or grey colored. On the other hand, Jute fibre can be white, off white, yellow, brown, grey or golden in color.
  • Cotton is the king of fibre and Jute is the golden fibre.
  • Cotton is more comfortable than Jute for wearable products.
  • Cotton has better drape-ability than Jute.

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