10 Best Types of Button for Clothing

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The button is the most popular trimming among all the fasteners used in clothing. It is also considered the oldest fastener. It is mainly used for its functional properties but it has aesthetic properties too. Which type of button should be used depends on the style of garment, the position of the button, and the types of fabric used to make the garment.

Types of Button

From the Bronze Age, people started to use buttons made of bronze. Before starting the Renaissance age buttons were only used for ornamentation purposes. But when the buttonhole invented in the Renaissance Age, buttons became functional and so 1830-1850 is considered as the golden age of buttons.

Definition of Button

A button is a small disk or lump attached to the clothing either to decorate or to fasten the cloth by being pushed through a hole made for that purpose.

Factors to consider before selecting a Button

  • The quality of the button should be checked. Wash fastness and color fastness should be great. The hardness of the button should also be checked.
  • Choose a button that will fit the clothing and placket situation.
  • For denim pant, the Shank button is perfect to fasten the waistband.
  • Color is an important factor. Blend or contrast both color can be used depending on the style and types of fabric used to make the garment.
  • Should launder well. The wooden or fabric buttons button can look great but will not remain the same after weekly washings.
  • Should be corrosion-free if it is made of metal.
  • Should be comfortable and easy to use. If it is a snap button, resistance to snapping and unsnapping should be within the limit.
  • Classification/types and sizes of buttons.

10 Best types of Button used in Clothing

There may be many types of buttons according to raw material. But the main 10 types are as follows:

  1. Plastic Button
  2. Metal Button
  3. Wooden Button
  4. Fabric Button
  5. Shell Button
  6. Glass Button
  7. Pearl Button
  8. Decorative button
  9. Leather button
  10. Ceramic button

Plastic Button

This is the most popular among all buttons. A plastic button is a flat button that is made of Polyamide, ABS, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, resin (polyester), urea, etc. These are cheap in price and not so glossy.  Resin buttons are the most produced plastic button in the world. These are widely used in Tops and shirts. In Blazer and Coats larger sizes of plastic buttons are used.

Colorful Plastic Button

Plastic buttons could be found in a variety of colors and patterns. These are very good in heat, corrosion, and wear resistance. These are extensively used in clothing industries as they can be produced in large quantities by machines.

Plastic buttons may be of two holes or four holes. But four-hole buttons are recommended for children’s items. Tonal-colored threads are recommended to use for the lockstitch for visual confirmation of proper application for children’s Textile and clothing products. At least 8 stitches of spun polyester thread per buttonhole are recommended to use for better performance.

Metal Button

This is also a popular button. Metal buttons can be made of Copper, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Iron, and Stainless Steel. These can be large or small, round or oval in size, and light or dark in color.

Metal Shank Button

These are mostly used in Denim and jeans, trousers, etc. These also may be of two holes or four holes. Shank buttons used in Denim are metal shanks. Metal buttons are also used in leather garments. Though now a day plastic snap buttons are available metal snaps are very popular.

Wooden Button

Made of wood and are mostly decorative. These are used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Though these buttons are not so durable, they are used in unique and lighter to heavier clothing products. These are mostly used in women’s apparel.

New Wooden Button

Numerous designs and shapes including round, square, rectangular, butterflies, flowers, hearts, fish, and dozens of others are available.

Fabric Button

A fabric button is a button that is made of fabric or plastic buttons covered with fabric or with yarns only. It becomes very useful when you want a dress in which the color of the button and fabric will be the same. If you want to make a fabric button you should consider the wash fastness of the fabric used to make this button.

White Fabric Button

Fabric buttons may be found in stripes, solid or printed designs such as stars, flowers, and even letters or logos. These buttons are mostly used in fancy dresses for women.

Shell Button

This button is made from natural seashell materials. These buttons are comparatively heavier than other buttons. These can be of two holes or four holes. These also can be of round, oval, star, fish, flower, square, and heart-shaped. Now a day floral designs are also available. These can be used in Shirt, Vest, and Sweaters.

Different Shell Button

Glass Button

Glass buttons are glassy with numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. These buttons can give an extra attribute to your clothing due to elegant, fashionable, and eye-catching. You don’t need to be afraid about the security as the glass used in buttons is a strong and scratch-resistant glass.

Rhinestone Glass Button

Pearl Button

Pearl buttons are stronger than you think. These come in a variety of colors & sizes and give a precious look to your clothing. These are made from the pearls collected from the mother of the pearl. These buttons can have both functional and aesthetic properties. These can be used in Sweaters, Knitwear, headwear, shoes, bags, and much other clothing.

Wedding Dress Pearl Button

Decorative Button

Decorative buttons can be made from any material having a figurative look. These can be made from wood, ceramic, metal, glass, clay, and also from many other materials. These have a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, designs, and end-uses. These can be used in coats, pants, sweaters, jackets, and many other decorative articles.

Decorative Plastic Button

Leather Button

Leather buttons give garments a polished look. These can be made from both genuine and fake leather. These come in round, square, oval, and any other shape. Buttons made from genuine leather are more durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. These buttons are used in sweaters, jackets, sports coats, etc.

Leather Button for Outerwear

Ceramic Button

Ceramic buttons are made from ceramic clay. Most of these buttons are handmade. A variety of shapes, colors, and designs are available. These can be round, star, leaf, heart, square, hexagonal, and even fish-shaped. Floral designs are also available. These are used in lightweight and fancy dresses.

Handmade Ceramic Button
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