Cotton VS Wool – Which one is more comfortable?

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We live in a modern era and so our taste and style are changing very rapidly. Style is changing but comfortless product is not desirable. So, style will be changed but the product should be comfortable and easy to wear.

Different types of fibres like cotton, wool, silk, nylon, polyester etc. are used to make textile products like underwear, outerwear, casualwear, swimwear, beachwear etc. But we can’t use all types of fibres to make all types of products because of its comfortability and application. Such as we can’t use 100% cotton yarn to make swimwear, or we can’t use 100% wool for underwear. And so sometimes we use blends to make the product more comfortable.

Cotton VS Wool – Which one is more comfortable?

Generally, we use wool to make blankets, horse rugs, carpeting, insulation and upholstery and cotton to make t-shirts, underwear and denim. So here comes the question which one is more comfortable Cotton or Wool? It is very tough to find the answer but, in this article, we will try to dig out the answer. Before that we will know about cotton, wool and their differences.

Definition of Cotton

Cotton is a natural cellulosic staple fibre harvested from white soft and fluffy balls around cotton seeds of cotton plants. It is one of the most cultivated profitable non-food crops on earth. It is known for its versatile end uses and natural comfort. Approximately 50% of the total textile products are made from cotton.

At first cotton fibres are separated from its seeds by ginning method and then processed through blow room to mix and blend and then through carding to reduce entangled mass of fibres and make it filmy web of cotton and then processed though combing to remove short fibres, neps and impurities. Lastly it is processed through roving frame to prepare the sliver fit for ring frame to make yarn.

Yarns are then used to make fabrics by knitting or weaving process. Cotton products are coloured by using different types dyeing methods like yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, garments dyeing etc.

Definition of Wool

Wool is a protein fibre obtained from sheep and other animals like goats (cashmere and mohair). Wool grows on the bodies of the sheep. It is harvested by shearing and trimming the living animals and so raw wool feels greasy. It also comes in a variety of natural qualities. During growing and harvesting wool animals can be hurt so farmers should be professional and trained.

After shearing, wool is processed through scouring treatment to remove oil, grease and impurities. Then the fibres are carded to make parallel and ready to spin. Dyeing is done before carding in case of coloured products. After that finally spinning is done to make woollen yarn.

Comparison between Cotton and Wool

We will show you a comparison between cotton and wool before saying that which textile product is more comfortable…

Comparison between Cotton and Wool

From the above comparison we can come in a conclusion that, when you have a sensitive skin then cotton products are suitable for you. During the winter season woollen product will perform well as it can insulate your body even though it is wet. And obviously during the summer season it is better to worn cotton product as it is breathable. When you are looking for a handkerchief or bras then cotton products will be incomparable and when you are looking for a winter jacket then woollen insulated jacket is incomparable. Using and taking care of cotton products are much easier than woollen products as cotton products are lighter and easy to wash and woollen products are heavier and needed to be dry cleaned.

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