The 30 Best Types of Hats for Men and Women

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Hat is one type of fashion accessory. Technically hat may be an accessory or clothing, but it seems to lean more to the accessory side. Hat is not only a necessary part for our outfit but also plays an important role for our fashion. A great hat can definitely add a little extra flare to our outfit. Choosing the right hat for the perfect outlook is an important thing.

The 30 Best Types of Hats for Men and Women

The hat is an accessory covering our heads and worn for many reasons, including fashion, safety, religion, traditions, etc., and protects us from the bad weather condition. Like sun hat gives protection from sunray, the Sikh hat has a religious dignity, cowboy hat protects from sun and rain, etc.

The 30 best types of Cap are listed below

  1. Balaclava Hat
  2. Baseball cap
  3. Bearskin Hat
  4. Beret Hat
  5. Blangkon Hat
  6. Bomber Hat
  7. Boonie Hat
  8. Bowler Hat
  9. Bucket Hat
  10. Chef Hat
  11. Cowboy Hat
  12. Cylinder Hat
  13. Fascinator Hat
  14. Fedora Hat
  15. Wizard Hat
  16. Graduation Hat
  17. Helmet Lining Cap
  18. Jester Hat
  19. Knitted Hat
  20. Newsboy Cap
  21. Panama Hat
  22. Party Hat
  23. Pillbox Hat
  24. Pirates Hat
  25. Santa Hat
  26. Sikh Hat
  27. Slouch Hat
  28. Sports Cap
  29. Straw Hat
  30. Sun Hat

Balaclava is a clothing headpiece that is designed to expose some specific portions of your head. Generally, the mouth, nose, and eyes are exposed through this cap. It depends on the styles. Three holes balaclava, ski mask, skull balaclava, etc., are some popular styles of balaclava.

Balaclava Hat

Balaclava gives us warmth during outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding. Motorcyclists or bicyclists also use it. Sometimes SWAT or Special Forces personnel or criminal uses it for hiding their identity.

The baseball cap is worn with the brim facing front, side, or back, mainly depending on your age grade. Women can also wear them a lot, especially when wearing workout clothing (even if they’re not working out). It looks pretty stylish when they have their ponytail pulled through the opening in the back. The baseball cap has its athletic and professionals uses.

Baseball Cap

Bearskin is a large fluffy and furry headpiece worn by the Queen’s guards in London, the capital city in the UK. It is made from the American black bearskin. The skins are taken annually to make this hat. It was decided to interchange the real bearskin with synthetic fur, but it didn’t work well. The artificial hair looks as lovely as the real one, but the colorfastness was not so good. So, they didn’t last so long.

Bearskin Hat

On the other hand, the hats made from natural skin are impressively heavy. It may vary from 2Kg to 4Kg. During the rain or cold weather, it may absorb water and become heavier!

The Beret is a round, soft, and flat crowned style with extra material around its edge. It’s often made from cotton, wool, or acrylic fibre. It looks like the hat of Che Guevara in Cuba. In France, it is only worn with traditional outfits like in the Basque Country in the southwest of France and the military as it is an element of their uniforms.

Beret Hat

It is a traditional Indonesian headpiece that is typically worn by men and is made of batik fabric. Four types of blangkon are found according to shape and origins.

Blangkon Hat

If you live in a cold climate area, you need warm clothing with a warm hat. Then bomber hat comes first. It is hot and very comfortable too. It has a shell and lining. The surface may be made of woven or fake leather. The lining is usually made of synthetic fabric, and other outer portions are made of faux or fur.

Bomber Hat

A Boonie hat is a USA military sun hat. A strap is used, which provides stability. During hiking or fishing, this hat can be used. In the crown area, there may be eyelets or small mesh panels for ventilation. Its fabric is made of camo print which can give you camouflage.

Boonie Hat

The bowler hat, also known as the Derby hat, is familiar in the United Kingdom and famous in the United States. Its crown is rounded and is made of stiff felt. It can be found in many colors, but the black felt hat is the most popular. It is a close-fitting hat. This hat is so iconic that Charlie Chaplin used it in the 1915 film “The little Tramp.”

Bowler Hat

The bucket hat is also known as the fishermen hat used by the fishermen of Ireland in the 19th century. Usually, the hat is made from heavyweight cotton fabric like denim or basket-weave fabric. Sometimes metal eyelets are used on the crown for ventilation. Easily it can be folded and kept in the backpack or pocket.

Bucket Hat

The chef’s hat is usually called a toque, which came from an Arabic word for a hat. It is white. You can see most chefs wear several different figurative hats in the kitchen, having several wrinkles. The chefs wear these types of unique hats, having an important distinction. That’s because the chef wearing the hat says a lot about who is he, his style, his level of expertise and so much more.

Chef Hat

Stetson invented the cowboy hat, and today, the most popular style is the skyline. It is a high-crowned and a wide-brimmed hat. At first, the cowboy hat was designed to protect from sunray and rain. Fur felt makes it highly durable. It can withstand harsh weather like rain, snow, etc.

Cowboy Hat

The cylinder hat, also known as the top hat, is a tall cylindrical hat, typically made of silk fabric mounted on a felt basement. Its crown is very high, and that’s why it is so-called. Its brim is narrow & slightly curved and is often found in black colored. Though it is found in various shapes, such as flatter brims and higher or lower crowns, the basic form is maintained. Its peak may be up to 12 inches tall. Now a day, it remains a formal fashion accessory ever since.

Cylinder Hat

The hat that women wear to go to wedding functions today in Western Europe is the fascinator hat. It’s not a functional hat but also serves aesthetic purposes. It can have versatile designs and colors. It is typically made of lightweight knitted fabric.

Fascinator Hat

Generally, a fedora hat is a snap-brim hat. It’s called that way because you can easily snap the brim down. It is found in different sizes as you can have very short brims, medium brims, and wide brims. In terms of raw materials, maximum fedoras are made from felt that is made of hair collected from sheep, which is felted. Besides, rabbit hair felt is also used, which is more delicate and softer than sheep felt.  It bears a band outside and also can take a decorative bow. The band may be made of artificial leather. The hat serves an excellent service during winter and spring.

Fedora Hat

The wizard or conical hat acts as a representative of a witch appears to be a relatively recent creation. These hats were worn from ancient history as symbols of rubric and ritual. If you think about Halloween, the images of pumpkins and black hats brim over. The most iconic millinery item, of course, will be the wizard hat associated with Halloween.

Wizard Hat

The square graduation hat, also known as the Oxford cap, is a part of an academic dress consisting of a horizontal square board fixed upon a skullcap bearing a tassel attached to its centre.

Graduation Hat

If you are a biker, you should consider wearing some headpiece covering your head to keep the helmet liner from getting sweaty in the summer. Wearing a helmet lining cap is an essential part when you are going for a long ride. A helmet lining cap is the only way to go if you want to keep your helmet looking and feeling fresh.

Helmet Lining Cap

Jester Hat is also known as a joker hat or a fool’s cap, which is a distinctive hat made of fabric or synthetic material. It is floppy with three points which bears a jingle bell each at the end. Every three points illustrate the donkey’s ears and tail worn by jesters in earlier times.

Jester Hat

The knitted hat is excellent and too small to take with you everywhere. There are so many colors and styles of a knitted hat. During winter, it provides you warmth and also gives you a cool look. It is usually made of wool or acrylic fibre.

Knitted Hat

This cap is also known as a flat cap. It is a casual cap and easy to wear. In the winter season, it will keep you warm. Besides you can wear it with formal or sportswear. Generally, it is made of woolen fabric. Besides, other natural and synthetic fibres are also used. The top part of the cap is pulled over the brim and either it is sewn on or snapped on. In this way, you will get a triangular side profile that gives the cap its actual characteristic shape.

Newsboy Cap

Panama hat is a light-colored and finely woven hat made from the straw of the South American toquilla palm plant. This name indicates that the origins of this world-famous hat lie in Panama, but the original Panama hat was always made in Ecuador. This hat brings a stylish look to any summer outfit though it is casual or formal. It protects you from sun rays on sunny days and adds a sense of natural style.

Panama Hat

A party hat is also known as a birthday hat. It is worn on the birthday party. It gives you a party and fun looks. It is made of stiff paper or some other light materials like paper. It is colorful and also funny to wear.

Party Hat

A pillbox hat is a small hat usually worn by women having a flat crown, straight, upright sides, and does not have any brim. The modern pillbox hat was invented in the 1930s. It gained popularity due to its elegant style. It can be made of wool, velvet, organdy and fox fur. It is found in solid color.

Pillbox Hat

Pirates hat is also known as the tricorn hat, has three corners. In the earlier period, they were referred to as Cocked Hats. This hat was famous during the last half of the 17th century and in the 18th century. The pirate’s hat was worn as a civilian dress and a part of the military and naval uniforms at its popularity. Its unique structure protects you from rainwater. Generally, it is made of woolen fabrics.

Pirates Hat

Santa hat is a pointed red floppy hat having white fur trimming traditionally associated with Christmas. Santa Claus bears this hat on his head. Every year on Christmas Eve, December 24, he brings gifts to the homes of good children wearing his costumes and this particular hat.

Santa Hat

The Sikh hat is known as a turban. It is a fashionable item in many cultures, but for Sikhs, it bears their spiritual faith. In South Asia, at the beginning, while the Sikh religion was spreading from the 15th to 18th centuries, this hat was only worn by the higher classes and elites of society. But when the ideology of equalization among all categories was building, then everyone started to wear it. Shia Muslims also wear it. It has many variations.

Sikh Hat

It is a wide-brimmed hat made of felt or cloth. It is often worn as a part of a military uniform. Military personnel from different countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, France wear it as a uniform.

Slouch Hat

Sports cap is also known as sun visor cap. It is a crownless cap. It has a simple front brim with a strap encircling the head. This is a topless cap that only protects the face from sunray.

Sports Cap

A straw hat is a brimmed hat made by weaving from straws or straws like materials collected from plants or production processes in factories. It is used in fashion as a decorative element or a uniform though it was designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke. It is elliptical in shape, having a flat brim and flat crown.

Straw Hat

A sun hat is a headpiece specifically designed to provide shade to the face and shoulders from the sunray. Different types of raw materials are used to make sun hats having so many varieties. It can have small to large brims. But usually, the brim is four to seven inches in width.

Sun Hat

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