The 23 Best Types of Hand Gloves [Images]

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A hand glove is a garment that covers the hand. It also protects our hands from different unfavorable conditions. Sometimes we use hand gloves as our fashionable product too.

Hand Gloves

Different types of hand gloves as follows –

  1. Skiing
  2. Fingerless
  3. Fingerless Lace Mitten
  4. Cycling Mitten
  5. Decorated Mitten
  6. Shooting
  7. Woodstock/Riding
  8. Limerick
  9. Hawking
  10. York Tan
  11. Slip-On
  12. Sports
  13. Button Length/Mousquetaire
  14. Glove With Liner
  15. Mitten
  16. Berlin
  17. Knitted
  18. Shortie
  19. Gauntlet
  20. Golfing
  21. Driving/String
  22. White Kid
  23. Cuff Guards

Skiing Hand Glove

It is one type of sports glove. People who loves to ski likes this glove. Men, Women or Kids can use it. Multiple layers are used to make it wind proof and water proof and also to make the hands warm.

Layered Skiing Hand Glove

Fingerless Hand Glove

This is like a normal glove except that the tops have been removed. Often it is knitted but it is sometimes made of leather. It is easy to wear and remove.


Fingerless Lace Mitten Hand Glove

This mitten has very short fingers and is for formal and special occasions. It is used to enhance the fashion. It is generally worn by women.

Fingerless Lace Mitten

Cycling Mitten Hand Glove

A fingerless mitten with leather palm and string back for cycling. It has a stretch rib cuff. It is more comfort to wear and also breathable. It helps to grip the cycle tightly. It is used during the summer season.

Cycling Mitten

Decorated Mitten Hand Glove

This is a long glove with no fingers and half a thumb, highly decorated with gold threads on satin, for formal occasions.

Decorated mitten

Shooting Hand Glove

When you are shooting in hot weather, you will feel hot, and when you are shooting in cold weather, you will feel cold in your arm. So a proper shooting hand glove is required to protect your hand from injury.


Woodstock/Riding Hand Glove

A fawn skin glove used for horse riding. As horse riding is not so easy and you can be in an uncomfortable situation at any moment, proper gripping is necessary. So fine selection for hand gloves is also required. They will protect your hands and will give you a fine grip.


Limerick Hand Glove

A glove made in newborn lamb leather. Originally it was used for skin care due to its fineness. Its price was also high due to its delicacy.


Hawking Hand Glove

This fourteenth century glove was for hawking. It is long and made in leather to protect the arm.


York Tan Hand Glove

This can be a short or long glove named after its color color-tan.

York Tan

Slip-on Hand Glove

There are no fastenings; the glove is just pulled on. It is easy to remove.

York Tan

Sports Hand Glove

An insulated leather glove used in outdoor sports. It gives extra protection during different types of sports.

Sports glove

Button length/Mousquetaire Hand Glove

A long evening glove with a short wrist opening and small pearl buttons.

Button length/Mousquetaire

Glove with Liner Hand Glove

Two gloves in one for extra warmth. Outer side is called shell and inner part is called lining. Shell gives protection and lining gives warmth. It is usually used during the winter season.

Glove with Liner

Mitten Hand Glove

Four fingers are covered together, the thumb is solitary. This mitten can be knitted, woven or made from leather.


Berlin Hand Glove

A thin and neat glove made in strong cotton.

Berlin gloves

Knitted Hand Glove

As the name suggests, a totally knitted glove. It is generally cotton or woolen knitted. It gives you warmth, comfort and safety.


Shortie Hand Glove

A wrist length glove, made in cotton or nylon. It was very fashionable from the mid 1949s to the 1960s.


Gauntlet Hand Glove

A glove with a protective forearm cuff, this example shows the gauntlet cut in panels.


Golfing Hand Glove

Very similar to the driving glove, there are cut-outs over the knuckles and often a cut-out over the back of the hand.


Driving/String Hand Glove

This is a short glove with a leather palm; the back is knitted or made from another fabric, often knotted string. There is a buckle or stud fastener at the wrist.


White kid  Hand Glove

A smart glove made in kid leather for formal day wear.

White kid gloves

Cuff Guards Hand Glove

Decorative and protective guards fort the wrists.

Cuff Guards

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