What is Medical Textile | Application area of Medical Textile?

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Definition of Medical Textile

The medical textile can be defined as fibre-based products or structures used for first aid or the clinical treatment of a wound or medical condition.

Medical Textile

It is a highly specialized and bio-compatible technical textile, used for medical and hygiene applications called ‘MEDTECH’. The characteristics required of MEDITECH vary depending on the task for which they are to be used. Some applications demand a protective function, others a high absorptive capacity and some others impermeability. Special antimicrobial finishes are given to make medical textiles and it is an important characteristic of these textiles.

It is a combination of textile technology and medical science. In the field of medical application, technical textiles are not just used in contact with skin, but also fulfill important functions within the body (intra-corporal applications like implants). Technical textiles offer the medical and hygiene industry unparalleled protection, comfort and cost-saving. It has become possible only due to the development of new yarns and manufacturing technologies of yarn and fabric.

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Medical textiles should be non-toxic and non-allergenic and able to sterilize without imparting any change in the physical and chemical characteristics.

Application area of Medical Textiles

  • Healthcare/hygiene products – Include bedding, clothing, surgical clothes, products for feminine hygiene like stationary napkins, baby and adult diapers, filters, bandages, support and protective material, surgical sutures, dental floss etc.
  • Non-implantable materials – For wound care that includes absorbent pad (wound contact layer, base material viscose, plastic film) and bandages (simple inelastic/elastic, orthopedic, plasters, gauzes, lint, padding).
  • Textiles in extracorporeal devices – Like artificial kidney, liver and lungs.
  • Implantable materials – Like sutures (biodegradable and non-biodegradable), soft tissue implants, artificial tendon (meshes), artificial ligament, artificial cartilage, orthopedic implants artificial joint, cardiovascular implants vascular grafts, heart valves.

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