Top 10 Knit Fabric Names for Your Favorite Clothing Item

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Knit fabric is a type of textile that is created through knitting (manual or industrial) process. Knitting involves interlocking loops of yarn with needles to produce a flexible and stretchable fabric. Unlike woven fabrics, where yarns intersect at right angles, knit fabrics have a more elastic structure due to the loops.

Different types of colorful knit fabric.

Top 10 Knit Fabric Names

There are various types of knit fabric available in the market to make different types of clothing items; the 10 best are stated below:

Different types of knit fabrics with images.

It is a single-knit fabric with a smooth, flat face and a loop back. It is a soft, lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable fabric. It is commonly used for t-shirts, undies, bras, socks, hosiery and casual wear.

It is a double-knit fabric with a similar appearance on both sides. It is thicker and more stable than jersey. It is soft, with good drape and a more substantial feel compared to jersey. It is used to make dresses, skirts, and other garments requiring a bit more structure.

It has vertical textured lines created by alternating raised and lowered rows of stitches. It is stretchy, with a distinctive ribbed appearance that provides flexibility. It is used to make cuffs, collars, and other areas where stretch and texture are desired.

Its face side is smooth and back side is harsh having loops. It is soft, absorbent, and comfortable, often used for casual and sportswear. It is also used to make sweatshirts, shorts, hoodies, loungewear, and activewear.

It is a double-knit fabric with a slight horizontal texture. It is a stable fabric with good recovery and a polished appearance. It is used to make dresses, skirts, trousers, and other structured garments.

It is popular for its intricate patterns and designs. It is produced by using a jacquard mechanism in a knitting machine. A wide range of patterns and designs can be made through the jacquard knitting machine. Sweaters, cardigans, dresses, etc. are made from this fabric.

It is a soft and warm fabric often made from synthetic fibers or a blend of cotton and polyester. It is insulating and comfortable, with a plush surface. It is used to make hoodies, jackets, blankets, and other cold-weather garments.

It is a lightweight fabric with an open, breathable structure. It is also airy and moisture-wicking, suitable for sportswear. It is also used to make athletic jerseys, activewear, and garments requiring ventilation.

It is created with a double-knit structure to added thickness and stability. It is firm and less stretchy than single-knit fabrics, often with a smoother surface. It is used to make structured garments, skirts, and dresses that need stability.

For those who are interested in sourcing high-quality double knit fabric, Runtang Textiles is a reputable manufacturer known for its wide range of durable and stretchable fabrics. They offer various options suitable for multiple applications, ranging from activewear to workwear.

It features delicate, openwork patterns created by small holes. It is lacy and textured, adding a feminine touch to garments. It is used to make lightweight tops, dresses, and other garments where a delicate appearance is desired.

Now you are clear about the 10 types of knit fabric names. If you want to tailor your favorite clothing item or buy a ready-made one, choose any one from the above list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on different types of knit fabric

May people ask different types of questions regarding knit fabric and its types. Some of them are stated below:

  1. What are the different types of knitted fabric?

    Knitted fabrics are divided into two main categories: weft and warp. Again, the weft knits are subdivided into two main categories: one is single knit (single jersey, lacoste, etc.), and another is double knit (rib, purl, interlock, cable, pointelle, etc.). Besides, there are some specialized weft knits like jacquard jerseys, sliver knits, fleece, french terry, etc. Some examples of warp knits are tricot, raschel, etc. Source: Textile School.

  2. Is knit fabric good for summer?

    Yes, knit fabrics can be suitable for summer, depending on the type of knit and the fiber content used to make the clothing item. Knit fabrics are known for their stretch, flexibility, and breathability, which make them comfortable in warmer weather.

  3. What fabric is used for knitting?

    Fabric is not used, but different types of yarn are used for knitting. The choice of yarn depends on the desired characteristics of the final knitted fabric. Some common types of yarn used for knitting include cotton, polyester, wool, silk, etc.

  4. What is knitted fabric example?

    One common example of knitted fabric is jersey knit. Jersey knit is widely used in the garment manufacturing industries to make t-shirts, hosiery products, bras, panties, and different types of casual wear that require flexibility and breathability.

  5. What is the knit fabric?

    Knit fabric is a type of fabric produced through knitting process. You can make it manually by crocheting with needles or by using a circular or flat-bed knitting machine.

  6. What are the names of warp-knitted fabrics?

    Warp knitting is a type of knitting in which the yarns run vertically along the fabric. There are various types of warp-knitted fabrics with different characteristics. Some common types of warp-knitted fabrics include tricot, raschel, tulle, and spacer fabric.

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