What is Garment Sample? Types of Garment Sample

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Sample is a product which represents a group of product or lot or batch, in order to assess their quality, style or design or any other characteristic of the product. Based on the samples, the buyer will give approval or comments for any alteration in design or style or quality. Samples will reflect the quality and workmanship of the exporter or manufacturer. Samples are made to make sure to get a desired style design or fit and good quality in the particular order.

Different types of garment sample such as fabric, hanger, zipper and yarn.

Samples may be made before start of the production or can be taken from the finished goods. For every order or style, separate samples are to be made. Samples help in to procure or get the orders from the buyer. In a particular order, samples are made at different stages to make sure that all parameters are maintained properly. A good sample will make good first impression to the buyer on the exporter or manufacturer. Special care should be taken while making the samples.

Types of Sample

In apparel manufacturing the different samples are required as follows –

Original Sample

This is the sample given by the buyer to the exporter to develop or make a counter sample.

Offer Sample

This is the sample offered by the exporter to the buyer to get orders which may be newly developed styles or designs or samples from already sent orders.

Fit Sample

This is the first sample made by the exporter based on the original sample or sketch and specification sheet given by the buyer. The fit sample may be made from available fabric of same fabric structure, fibre, nearer GSM and any color. This sample is made to check the fit of the particular style.

Proto Sample 

After the fit sample is approved, then proto sample is made with the actual fabric of the particular order in any color. This sample once approved by the buyer will be considered as the reference sample for production. This is also called as red seal sample.

Photo Shoot Sample

This sample is required by the buyers who are having own retail chain stores throughout the country. These buyers do buy for their own stores and they regularly make catalogue of the products what they sell. These buyers are normally termed as ‘catalogue buyers’. The catalogue will have the details about the products like their style, style no., assortments ranges, and price ranges etc. and also will carry the photos of the models who wear those garments. The samples which are used in taking the photo shoot where the samples will be worn by the models. These photos then will be printed or used in the catalogues, advertisements, bill boards and on the inner packing etc. The buyer will indicate the required size of the photo shoot sample which is the size of the model and will be required in all colors of the order. Care should be taken for defects and workmanship while making the photo shoots samples because that will be clearly visible in the photos.

Salesman Sample

This sample is required by the buyers who are selling the goods to the other retail stores throughout the country. These buyers are normally termed as ‘wholesale buyers’ because they import the goods and sell it to the order retail stores through their salesmen. So these buyers require salesman samples from their salesman to carry and sell the goods to the local retailers. Normally these samples will be required in several sizes and colors.

Size set Sample 

Once the proto sample is approved, based on the pattern of the approved sample the grading for the other sizes are done and then patterns for other sizes will be made. Then the samples for all the other sizes are made to check the fit and workmanship. The approval for the size set samples will be given by the buying house QC if available locally or by the QC manager of the exporter itself. Without the size set approval, the cutting should not be started.

Per production (PP) or Pilot run Sample

Pilot run is a trail run which should be conducted before starting the bulk sewing. It is done to check the feasibility of the sewing operation during the bulk operation because so far the samples are made in the sampling section, sewn slowly taking enough time by the sampling men. But the production should be done at rapid speed to meet the targets. The trail run is conducted to check the workmanship or any other quality parameters like puckering etc. at high speed operation. Normally 25-50 garments are sewn in the trial run and checked for this purpose.

Production Sample 

This sample is taken from the bulk production and sent to the buyers for approval. Some buyers ask for production sample to see the sample how it looks in the bulk production. This sample is also termed as ‘Gold seal sample’ by some buyers. Without the gold seal sample approval the shipment or final inspection cannot be done.

Shipment Sample 

This is the sample which is required by the buyer after the final inspection is passed and the goods are ready for shipment. The difference between the shipment sample and the other samples mentioned above is that the shipment sample is in the form with all packing accessories packed in the required form and will represent the product that the form in which the buyer will receive the goods.

Fabric Sample

Some buyers may require finished fabric samples to check its quality parameters like fabric handle, hairiness etc. Some buyers require the approval of the fabric also before going in for fabric production.

Accessories Sample

The accessories both the packing and production should be approved by the buyer if it is sourced by the exporter. Generally all the accessories will be stapled in a card/sheet duly marked all the details of the accessories, made in duplicates and sent to the buyers for approval. This card is termed as ‘Trim card’.

Document Sample 

Sometimes the documents format may vary from buyer to buyer or country to country. So for that purpose normally duplicate invoice is prepared after the order is confirmed and sent to the buyer for approval because any mistake in the document will delay the shipment of the goods.

Photo Sample 

This is actually not a product sample but it is a photo which will be used to give or show information or instructions like packing style or form, label positions in the product and the package, position of carton markings etc.

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