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Definition of Singeing

Singeing is carried out rarely on knitted fabrics and frequently on yarns and woven fabrics. Instead of the traditional singeing process, it is possible to apply an enzymatic treatment (for cotton and lyocell fabrics), for example with cellulose, which uses chemical agents to corrode the fibre surface and remove the fuzz from the fabric.

Singeing is also done at the yarn stage. For yarn singeing is an operation carried out to eliminate yarn hairiness. The singeing system consists of a package to package winder and a gas burner. The yarn is passed through the flame, which singes the protruding fibres that cause the hairiness. It runs at a rate of 400 to 1000 m/min. The machine must, to obtain even singeing, maintain a constant machine speed and an even flame.

The process by which the projecting or floating or hairy fibres that stand out on the fabric surface are burnt off, which is called singeing.

Objects of Singeing

  • To remove hairy fibres projecting on the surface of the cloth and to smooth the surface.
  • Optical levelness of the dyeing and clean-out lines of a printing design. 
  • To increase lusture in the finished fabric.
  • To prepare the fabric for the next process.

Working Procedure of Gas Flame Singeing M/C

This is the most commonly used process for woven fabric. In the gas singeing machine, both sides of the fabric can be singed at the same time. Normally two-burner are used for both sides singed. In this machine, the fabrics are passed through some guide roller over the gas burner in open width as shown in the figure. The length of the burner can be adjusted according to the width of the fabric. The fabric passes over the burner at the speed of 200-400 yard/min. When the fabric passes over the burner, it burns the projecting fibre from the surface of the fabric.

Gas flame singeing machine animation.

The brush is used for brushing both sides of the fabric. After singeing, the fabric is immersed in the water or desizing tank to prepare the next process. The machine may be horizontal or vertical.


  • Uniform temperature ensures the proper singeing.
  • Both sides of the fabric can be singed.
  • As the process is continuous, there is no hamper in the production.
  • All sparks can be easily removed.
  • It is a standard process.
  • Ideal singeing is ensured.
  • The fabric in inter-stitches of warp and weft are singed.


  • A dirty burner can produce a spot on the fabric.
  • The process is not suitable for synthetic fabric.
  • Due to inconsistent fabric speed, it may be burnt.

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