Processing of Man-made Fibres and Blends on Rotor Spinning

Since rotor spinning established its superiority over conventional spinning, blended and manufactured yarns have attracted spinners. One of the essential requirements of blended yarn is the degree of homogeneity in blending their components throughout the length of yarns spun and the uniform distribution of the individual fibre component in the cross-section. In this spinning, the […]

Why Ring Spinning System is Universal | Technological Points in Blow Room

Ring Spinning System is an Universal System The ring spinning system is the most widely used system due to significant advantages in comparison with the new spinning process. Ring spinning is the oldest of the present day spinning process. It is comparatively expensive than other spinning system because of its slower production speed and the additional processes […]

What is TENCEL Denim Fabric: Definition and Meaning

The fashion industry is shifting to sustainable models due to consumer awareness. TENCEL denim fabric combines style, comfort, and environmental responsibility in this ever-changing condition. Let’s talk about TENCEL denim fabric, which highlights eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. Introduction Eco-friendly innovation is revolutionizing the Fashion Industry. Did you know traditional denim jeans can use up to […]

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