Ring Spinning: Definition, Objects and Main Operations

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Ring Spinning

The ring spinning is the most widely used form of spinning machines due to significant advantages in comparison with the new spinning process.  Ring spinning is a method of spinning fibres, such as cottonflax or wool, to make a yarn. In ring spinning, the roving is the first attenuated by using drawing rollers, then spun and wound around a rotating spindle which in its turn is contained within an independently rotating ring flyer. Traditionally ring frames could only be used for the coarse counts, but they could be attended by semi-skilled labor.

Sing spinning frame in a Textile Spinning mill.

Objects of Ring Spinning Frame

Following are the core objects of ring spinning-

  • To draft the roving fed to the ring frame.
  • To impact the strength to the fibre strand by twisting.
  • To wind up the resulting yarn on to bobbin.
  • To build up the yarn on to bobbin in form of a suitable for storage, transportation and processing.

Main Operations of Ring Spinning Machine

  • Creeling: By this process the drawn sliver is introduced to the draft zone from sliver can manually.
  • Drafting: To reduce the weight per unit length by drafting i.e, passes of sliver through three or four pair of roller of different speed.
  • Twisting: To make turn within the fibre of the drafted material to hold them together.
  • Winding: To wound the roving or to upright bobbin in a particular manner so that it can be used in the next machine easily.
  • Building: By this process the roving is wound in full length of the bobbin in such a form which will facilitate handling, transfer and feeding to ring frame.
  • Doffing: Doffing is to replace an empty bobbin at the place of fully wound bobbin.

Features of a Good Ring Spinning Machine

  • The best quality raw material.
  • Good but too high surface smoothness.
  • An even surface.
  • Exact roundness.
  • Good running condition.
  • Good, even surface hardness, higher than traveler.
  • Good operating life time.
  • Correct relationship between ring and bobbin tube diameter.
  • Horizontal disposition.
  • It should be exactly centered to the spindle.

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