Factors for the Limitation of Modern Ring Frame for Higher Production

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 11:15 am

Ring Spinning Frame in a Textile Spinning Factory

The factors which put limitation for higher production in ring frame are –

Maximum traveller speed

It is limited by the types of ring flange, style of traveller, wt. of traveller and rate of traveller run.

Maximum roller delivery speed

The limiting factors beings the ability of the operative to piece-up the broken ends and the limitation of the drafting system to control fibres.

Yarn tension in the balloon

The limiting factors being sufficient strength in the processed yarn to withstand the tension imposed by the traveller and balloon. The amount of twist can alter the yarn strength irrespective of type and staple of fibres.

Balloon collapse

It is caused by operating with high spindle speed and low traveller weight. Yarn strength being enabled to support a heavy traveller.

Limitation of drafting system

Final requirements of spun yarn

What are the important setting points in ring-frame?

The important setting points are:   

  • Roller setting.
  • Lappet rail setting.
  • Lappet snarls setting.
  • Spindle rail setting.
  • Spindle setting.
  • Ring rail setting.
  • Setting of the building mechanism.
  • Setting of the fulcrum for different tapper shapes.
  • Setting of the roving guide traverse motion.
  • Setting of the top roller angle with the bottom roller.
  • Adjusting top roller pressure on the bottom rollers.

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