What is Denim: Definition and Meaning | Process Flowchart of Denim Manufacturing

In recent years, apparel consumption has expanded along with income, which is supposed to continue. Since the first pair of Jeans developed in America about one and half-century ago, denim wear has won popularity worldwide. As a result, jeans wear is one of the most prominent apparel items in the world apparel stores. Young people, […]

Direct Dye: An Overview [A to Z]

Definition of Direct Dye An anionic dye which have substantivity for cellulosic fibres, normally applied from an aqueous dye bath containing an electrolyte is known as Direct dye. Chemical Structure of Direct Dye Significance or Properties of Direct Dye Classification of Direct Dye Based on migration test and salt control ability these dyes are classified as follows: […]

Classification of Textile Dyes

Dye is a complex compound which is applied in the textile materials represent color and contains chromophore and auxochrome groups in its chemical structure. Dyes or dyestuffs are classified according to their chemical structure would form at least 30 classes. The important types are discussed below: Acid Dyes This is a large class characterized by their […]

An Overview of Hemp Fibre

In many parts of Asia, the fibre hemp has been in use since prehistoric times. Ancient records describe the use of hemp in China in 2800 B.C. During the early Christian era, the production of hemp spread to the countries of the Mediterranean Europe, and since then the fibre has come into widespread use throughout the world. […]

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