Hydrolysis of Reactive Dye

Definition of Hydrolysis Hydrolysis is a chemical process in which a molecule is cleaved into two parts by the addition of a molecule of water. One fragment of the parent molecule gains a hydrogen ion (H+) from the additional water molecule. The other group collects the remaining hydroxyl group (OH−). Hydrolysis of Reactive Dye During […]

Finishing Faults and Their Remedies

Finishing is the most import part in the Textile Industries because total quality of the dyed fabric depends on finishing. In this section fabric GSM, width, shrinkage etc. are controlled. But sometimes the subsequent faults are found after finishing. Wet Squeezer Marks Causes Remedies GSM Variation Causes Remedies Bowing Causes Remedies Skewing Causes Remedies You […]

Water Functions in the Textile Industry

Introduction Within the textile industry, several sectors can be distinguished. The most crucial water-consuming sector within the textile industry is the textile finishing industry. Water can be used in two different ways: a medium for textile treatment with direct contact with the material or as a heating/cooling medium without direct contact. The following figure shows a […]

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