Fabric Consumption and Cost per dozen of a Trouser

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Consumption Calculation

To calculate the fabric consumption per dozen of a shirt and polo shirt, measurement chart and garment design supplied by the buyer were considered. In this case a trouser sample supplied by the buyer is considered, diagram of the trouser is shown in the following figure:

Diagram of a Trouser

From the supplied sample following measurements were taken by the use of a flexible measurement tape.

Width at crotch point13”
Main fabric consumption/pc= (length + Allowance) X (Width + Allowance) X 4
= (40” + 3”) X (13” + 2”) X 4
= 43” X 15” X 4
 = 2580 sq. inch

It is also required to calculate pocketing and lining fabric requirement. As per design, two front pockets are considered. 

Hence, pocketing fabric requirement per piece of the said trouser will be 14” length of fabric of 36” width pocketing fabric that means 4.67 yards per dozen. Now, main fabric requirement per dozen of the said trousers should be calculated considering size ratio assumed as follows:

Hence, we found 15.13 yards/dozen of the said trouser will be required as main fabric and 4.7 yards as pocketing fabric.

Cost Calculation

Cost per dozen of the said trousers can be calculated as follows:

Hence, the costing price of the said trouser is calculated as $ 61.76 per dozen. In reality, cost/dozen may vary to a wide range depending on some factors like design, measurement, size ratio, accessories, washing cost & C.M. of the trouser. Fabric wastage & garment wastage should also be taken into account to the cost/dozen of the garment.

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