Textile Protein Fibers

Two basic types of protein fibers are used in Textile Industry mostly, they are wool and silk. Because of availability and suitable to produce as bulk these two natural protein fibers are popular among the producers across the globe. Like silk and Wool there are some others protein fiber and also being used with cotton […]

Properties of Orlon Acrylic Fabric

The properties of fabrics made of Orlon depend on the type of fibre used as well as how the material is woven, knitted, or finished. The several types of Orlon provide for flexibility in application due to differences in their properties. Therefore, fabric and garment performance should be evaluated in terms of these particular characteristics […]

Properties of Jute fibre

Jute fibre, also known as “the golden fibre of Bangladesh,” is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre obtained from the jute plant’s bark (Corchorus spp.). It is one of the world’s most affordable and widely used natural fibres. Primarily it grows in tropical regions, including India, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand. It is composed mainly of […]

Properties of Acrylic Fibre

Acrylic fibre is the most popular among the synthetic fibres. It contains about 85% acrylonitrile units. It is generated from hydrogen, cyanide, acetylene and petroleum. Top Properties of Acrylic Fibre The main properties of acrylic fibres may be described as follows: Length The length of the acrylic fibre can be controlled. That means, it may […]

Synthetic Fibres: Characteristics and End Usage

There are twelve major groups of Synthetic or manufactured fibres, eight of which are found in considerable abundance in fashion apparel, wearable accessories, and home furnishings. Each has specific characteristics that are unique and are wearable under trade names that belong to their producers. For example, Zafran is Nylon that is produced by BASF Corporation, […]

Linen Manufacturing Process

Linen is the flax yarn and fabric. Prior to development of cotton, linen held the place as king of fibres. But the inventions of Arkright, Har-greaves and Crompton and others in cotton spinning gave a death-blow to linen industry which now occupies a position next to cotton. Manufacturing process of linen The flax fibres are […]

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