List of all the Natural Cellulose Fibres

A fibre is obtained from a plant, animal, or mineral. Commercially important natural fibres are those cellulosic fibres obtained from the seed hairs, stems, and leaves of plants; protein fibres obtained from the hair, fur, or cocoons of animals; and the crystalline mineral asbestos. Vegetable fibres are generally comprised mainly of cellulose: examples include cotton, coir, kapok, jute, flax, ramie, hemp, pina, […]

What is Fibre and Textile Fibre

Fibre is the unit part of any clothing material. There are different types of fibres like natural, Synthetic and Regenerated. These fibres have different physical properties and chemical structures. Cotton, Hemp, Jute, Linen, etc. are natural fibre. Acetate, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, etc. are Synthetic fibre. Viscose is a regenerated cellulose fibre. Clothing made from different […]

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