Why I Choose to be a Textile Engineer

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Every student must have an aim in life to reach the apex of success. My childhood dream was to be an engineer, and that dream came true when I got a chance at Pabna Textile Engineering College in 2010. I’ve graduated from the college in 2015. Now I would like to share why I’ve chosen to be a Textile Engineer.

Textile Engineering


Job Guarantee

Now Bangladesh holds the second position in exporting ready-made garments after China. Currently, there are about four thousand Garments and Textile industries in Bangladesh. So, there’s a huge job opportunity. In this sector, I may quickly get a job. I’ve heard that some students also get job offers on the internship. So it’s an excellent opportunity for all the students.

Job through Appeared Certificate

Where every student of other subjects has to wait for their final certificate to get a job, I can get a job through an appearance certificate. So it’s also a positive side.

To Serve the Country

Every person wants to serve their country through their job. The entire economy of Bangladesh depends on the export of ready-made garments. So the dream to serve my country will come true through my job.

To support my family.

I’m confident I’ll get a job after completing my internship. Thus, I can support my family through my career. If I can serve my company where I’ll do my job, they will surely satisfy me with a sufficient salary.   

To face the Challenging World

The textile sector is challenging. Here the law of survival (Survival for the fittest) is strictly followed. I like to face challenges. So, if you also want it, you can also dare to face challenges.

To make the World Fashionable

Everybody likes fashion. I also like style. I also want to contribute to the fashion world. Through my job, I can do it. So, you can also try it.

To do something Creative

Every student or everybody tries to do something new, something creative. The textile sector demands creative people. There are vast opportunities of showing my creativity. So, here you can also do it professionally.

I enjoyed my life in my Childhood

According to the local proverb, I enjoyed my life in childhood. I want to say that I’ve also done this and I’ll be good at it in this Textile sector.

My Career

Within three months, I got a job completing my internship. I work as a supervisor in Bureau Veritas Consumer Product Service (BD) Ltd., and my experience is seven years plus in the textile sector. 

Lastly, I would like to say that if you have full confidence, then you can complete your graduation in Textile Engineering and welcome the challenges. 

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