Types and Functions of Ring Traveler | Factors Considered for Selecting a Ring Traveler

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Types of Traveler

  • According to shape – 
    1. C – Traveler (regular):  It has horn.
    2. Elliptical traveler: It has no horn.
  • Flat traveler
  • N – Traveler
  • SU – Traveler
  • According to wire cross section –
    1. Round
    2. Flat
    3. Semi-circular
Types of Ring Traveler.

Among the types, round and C travelers are mostly used for spinning finer count as they give less friction. Flat and semi-circular travelers are used for coarser yarn.

Functions of Traveler

  • Twisting the drafted roving delivered through the front roller.
  • Helps in winding of yarn on to the bobbin.
  • Maintaining winding tension of the yarn by the frictional resistance between ring and traveler.
  • Acts as a guide for the yarn on the way from ring to bobbin.
  • Performs the function of building motion and also maintain spinning tension.

Traveler no. or Traveler Size

Traveler no. expresses the wt. of traveler. It can be done in two ways – 

Indirect System

Here the unit is 10 travelers. If 10 travelers weight is 10 grain then, the no. is one. If it is 11 grain then no. is 2 and so on. Again, if the wt. of 10 travelers is 9 grain then, traveler size is 1/0 or 1-0. If it is 8 grain then the size is 2/0 or 2-0 and so on. That is, if the no. is less, then the traveler is light. In practice, travelers are available from no. 1 to 10 (Heavy traveler) and reversely 1/0 to 20/0 (Lighter). Commonly, for finer yarn light traveler is used and for coarser yarn heavy traveler is used.

A general list showing suitable for different count of yarn

Yarn count (Ne)Traveler Number
201 – 2/0
303/0 – 4/0
406/0 – 8/0
5010/0 – 12/0
6013/0 – 15/0
8016/0 – 19/0
10019/0 – 20/0

This chart is made by trial and error method. If suitable traveler cannot be chosen then for heavier, end breakage rate will be increase and for lighter traveler fly will be happened. At the same time, balloon size will also be bigger which will increase the end breakage rate.

Direct System 

Here every individual traveler is weighted. Heavy wt. indicate heavy traveler.

Factors Considered for Selecting a Traveler

Yarn count:Ne ↑ traveler wt. ↓
 Spindle speed: S S ↑ traveler wt. ↓
Ring dia:R D ↑ traveler wt. ↓
Empty bobbin dia:B D ↑ traveler wt. ↓
Ring condition:Condition ↑ traveler wt. ↑
Lift of package:Lift ↑ traveler wt. ↓
Traveler X-section:For round x-section heavy traveler can be used.
Over all m/c condition:If good, then comparatively heavy traveler can be used.

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