Top 10 Coconut Fibre Manufacturers in the World

Many of us have seen coconut husk in the form of ropes, rugs, or mats, but very few of us know that, it is one type of natural fibre. It is also known as husk or coir fibre. It is extracted from the husk of ripened coconuts. This durable material has been used for centuries for various purposes like textiles, construction, agriculture, and gardening.

Coco fiber manufacturers.

Properties of Coconut Fibre

The key properties are as follows:

  • High Tensile Strength: It possesses impressive tensile strength, ranging from 1200 to 1500 MPa, which make it a durable material for various applications.
  • Biodegradability: It is entirely biodegradable. It contributes to environmental sustainability and decomposes faster than many other natural fibres.
  • Moisture Absorption: It absorbs moisture up to 18% of its total weight in wet conditions. This property makes it suitable for applications in horticulture, aiding in maintaining soil moisture levels.
  • Thermal Insulation: It exhibits excellent thermal insulation properties, which make it a potential material for use in construction materials.
  • Rich in Lignin: The high lignin content in coconut fibre enhances its resistance to microbial attacks. It increases the durability of this fibre. 
  • Sound Absorption: The porous structure of this fibre makes it effective in sound absorption. This property makes it suitable for use in acoustic panels as an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Resilience to Saltwater: Its resilience to saltwater makes it suitable for applications in coastal areas, such as erosion control mats and geotextiles.
  • Abrasion Resistance: It is resistant to abrasion, which makes it suitable for products like ropes, nets, and geotextiles.

Top 10 Coconut Fibre and Product Manufacturers

Now we will discuss about the top 10 coconut fibre manufacturers below:

Nedia Enterprises Inc.

AboutNedia Enterprises Inc. offers a range of items such as doormats, coir mats, garden accents, and erosion control products.
Location44675 Cape Ct #120, Ashburn, VA, United States, Virginia
Production CapacityApproximately 50,000-ton annual production capacity.
FocusNedia’s focus on ethical sourcing and organic processing sets them apart, attracting eco-conscious brands like Patagonia.
ProductsWoven coir fabrics, coconut fibre logs, erosion control blankets, permanent and composite, soil wrap fabric, coir sediment control, coir planting media, biodegradable stabilizer fabric, accessorial products. Source: Products

 Dutch Plantin

AboutDutch Plantin specializes in the production of coir-based products, particularly coir substrates for horticulture. Coir substrates produced by Dutch Plantin are commonly used as a growing medium for various crops, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. These substrates offer good water retention, aeration, and drainage properties, making them suitable for hydroponic and traditional soil-based cultivation.
LocationsCoimbatore – 641 028, India and Postbus 13 5427 ZG Boekel, Nederland
Production CapacityApproximately 40,000-ton annual production capacity.
ProductsGrowbags, Coco blocks and coco briquettes for planters, gutters and pots. Source: Products

Geewin Exim

AboutGeewin Exim is a Madurai-based company as well as an agricultural product exporter.
Phone+(91)-9626099777 / 9626188777 / +(91)-452-4383370
WhatsApp+91 9159773337
LocationNo. 14- Sonaiyar Kovil Street, Nari Medu, Madurai – 625002, Tamil Nadu, India.
Production CapacityApproximately 35,000-ton annual production capacity.
ProductsCoir Fibre, Coco Disc and Cocopeat Block. Source: Products
Key ProductTheir “CocoCâlin” range features coir-blended bedding hailed for its natural cooling properties and hypoallergenic comfort.

Fibre Dust LLC

AboutFibreDust LLC is a manufacturer of coconut fibre substrate used in hydroponics and conventional growing.
Location30 New Rd, Cromwell, CT, United States, Connecticut.
Production CapacityApproximately 25,000-ton annual production capacity.
ProductsCoco Coir Block, Coco Coir Grow Bags, Coco Coir Disc, Coco Coir Blends, Coco Coir Weed Mat, Bagged Coir Products, and Private label. Source: Products

Kumaran Fibres

AboutKumaran Fibres is a manufacturer and seller of coir products, based in Pollachi, India. Pollachi is known for its coconut cultivation and production of value-added coconut products. Kumaran Fibres takes advantage of this by using coconuts to create a variety of products like coco peat, grow bags, coir yarn, etc.
Phone+91 99861 70805, +91 98421 20701
LocationSF NO:159/2C1, Koolanaickenpatti village Kolarpatti PO, Pollachi Coimbatore, TamilNadu India, 642107
Production CapacityApproximately 20,000-ton annual production capacity.
ProductsCoco fibre bales, grow bag slabs, open grow bags, pots, coco liners, coir rope, etc. Source: Products

Samarasinghe Brothers

AboutSamarasinghe Brothers is a Sri Lankan company specializing in the manufacturing and export of various coir products. They’re based in Katunayake, Sri Lanka, which is a major hub for the coir industry due to plenty of coconuts grown in the region.
Phone(94) 11-2399233, (94) 11-2399255
LocationNo.65, 3Rd Floor Maligawatte Road Colombo 10
ProductsCoir mattress, fibre bales and coir twine. Source: Products

SMS Exporters

AboutSMS Exporters is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of coir products based in Tamil Nadu, India. They’re particularly known for their high-quality coir ropes, but also offer a wide range of other coir-based products. 
Phone+91(0) 98422 59199, +91(0) 98421 22449
LocationNo. 2/175 KG Palayam Post, Negamam (Via), Pollachi 642 120, Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu State, India
ProductsCoir fibre, coir pith, coir yarn, curled coir, etc. Source: Products


AboutCoirGreen is the provider of high-quality and sustainable coir products for both erosion control and horticultural applications.
ProductsGeotextiles, coir logs, coir pallets, coco peat, coir disks, coir pots, growbags, coco chips/husk chips and nursery bags. Source: Products

Rajesh Agencies

AboutIt is an Indian company which export products like coir fibre bales, machine twisted coir fibre and coco peat.
Phone+914222323726, +914222323727
Location14/B, Post Office Road, Krishnaswamy Nagar, Coimbatore 641045, Tamilnadu, India.
ProductsCoco peat blocks, coir fibre bales, machine twisted coir fibre and coco peat. Source: Products


AboutHortGrow helps growers and home gardeners to develop healthy and abundant plants using less water.
Phone+1(844) 478-4769
LocationHortGrow Solutions LLC, California, USA
ProductsGrow bags, grow cubes, grow slabs, coir blocks and coco mats. Source: Products

Coconut fibre, or coir, is a sustainable material with a wide range of applications in various purposes. From floor mats to potting mixes, coconut fibre offers unique properties that benefit both plants and consumers. Its natural origins, environmental benefits, and ongoing research make it a promising material for the future.  

Now I hope that you are clear about coco fibre and the top 10 manufacturers from which you can source it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Coco Fibre Manufacturers

  1. Who is the largest producer of coir in the world?

    India holds an amazing two-thirds share of the global coir and coir product market. Its annual coir fibre production is 280,000 metric tons, more than any other country. Kerala is India’s top coconut producer, producing over 85% of coir products.

  2. Who makes coco coir?

    Coco coir, a popular growing medium derived from coconut husks, is produced by a variety of manufacturers globally. The primary countries leading in coco coir production are India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

  3. How is coconut fibre manufactured?

    The manufacturing process involves soaking the coconut husks in water to soften the fibres. The fibres are then separated from the husk through retting process. After retting, the fibres are washed, dried, and prepared for additional processing.

  4. How big is the coco coir market?

    In 2022, the global coco coir market was valued at USD 500.8 million. It’s expected to reach USD 840.3 million by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.0% during the forecast period (2023–2028). By 2031, the market size is projected to reach USD 717.7 million, according to Straits Research, with a CAGR of 8.3%.

  5. Why is coconut fibre considered a sustainable material?

    Coconut fibre is considered sustainable because it is derived from a readily available natural source like coconut husks. Its production process has less environmental impact because it utilizes coconut byproducts that would otherwise go to waste. 

  6. Are coconut fibre products biodegradable?

    Yes, coconut fibre products are biodegradable. They are composed of organic materials that naturally break down over time, reducing their impact on the environment.

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