7 Reasons Why Spider Silk is Incredibly Strong

Spider silk is one of nature’s most remarkable textile fibre, often acclaimed for its extraordinary strength. Beyond the intricate webs it constructs, it continually fascinates scientists, engineers, and artists alike, serving as an inspiration for innovative design and material science. In this in-depth exploration, we delve into the inherent properties of spider silk that make […]

List of all Textile Fibres

A natural or synthetic filament which may be spun into yarn that makes fabric such as cotton or nylon is called Textile Fibre. Fabrics are further classified by their composition and can be divided into: Animal: Derived from and animal source. Vegetable: Derived from a plant. Natural: Derived from a plant, animal or other sources. polymer: This […]

Properties of Textile Protein Fibre

Protein Fibre Properties Natural protein fibres are of animal origin. These are those fibres in which the fundamental chemical structure is composed of amino-acids joined in poly peptide chain. All protein fibres comprise the elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Wool comprises sulphur as well. In each protein fibre these elements are combined in diverse […]

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