Notes on Disperse Dye

The textile industries dye polyester yarn or fabric use disperse dye for its versatile color. The dyes are hydrophobic, so the dispersing agent is required to spread the dye onto the yarn or fabric surface. Here high temperature and pressure are also required to fix the dye particles into the fibre molecules. The dyes hold […]

Notes on Reactive Dye

Reactive dyes are special coloring agents that textile industries use for dyeing fibre, yarn, fabrics, and garments. These dyes are popular in the textile industry because they make colors that fix well and don’t fade quickly. Unlike other dyes that fix on the fabric’s surface, reactive dyes combine with the fabric’s molecules through a chemical […]

List of all the Natural Cellulose Fibres

A fibre is obtained from a plant, animal, or mineral. Commercially important natural fibres are those cellulosic fibres obtained from the seed hairs, stems, and leaves of plants; protein fibres obtained from the hair, fur, or cocoons of animals; and the crystalline mineral asbestos. Vegetable fibres are generally comprised mainly of cellulose: examples include cotton, coir, kapok, jute, flax, ramie, hemp, pina, […]

Why Reactive Dye is So Called?

Definition of Reactive Dye Reactive dyes are a class of colored compounds that chemically bind to fibers like cotton, rayon, or linen to impart color resistance to washing and fading. To apply reactive dyes properly, we need a process with controlled conditions. Usually, they are used in an alkaline bath with sodium carbonate or sodium […]

Mixing, Blending and Bale Management

Mixing Mixing could be thought of combining of fibres together in somewhat haphazard proportion whose physical properties are partially known so that, the resultant mixture has only generally known average physical properties which are not easily reproducible. Blending Blending is based on the measurement of important fibre properties i.e, length, strength, cleanliness, e.t.c. Quantitatively proportioning […]

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