Tough Cotton: Durable Technology for Cotton that Gives Higher Performance

People always want to purchase tough, durable, long-lasting clothing, especially for children and athletes’ apparel, for using sustainable, long-lasting purposes. As usual, durability plays a crucial role in the decisions of purchasing clothing. Today tough cotton came with the solution of durable technology. In this context, we are going to know about Tough Cotton and […]

What is Apparel Merchandising | Process of Apparel Merchandising

Merchandising seems like a modern term in our day-to-day life but it is convenient since ancient times. There are various types of merchandising like Technology Merchandising, Grocery Merchandising, E-commerce Merchandising, Toy Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, Digital Merchandising, Product Merchandising, Apparel Merchandising, etc. But Apparel Merchandising is the most important term in the world of Merchandising. In […]

What Kinds of Fabric Features enable Clothes become Comfortable to Wear?

We don’t wear the same dress throughout all the seasons. Fashion designers design clothing products, and dressmakers produce dresses according to consumer demand. We prefer T-Shirt during the summer season, and during the winter season, we prefer outerwear. Cotton products are the best in the summer, and woolen products are preferable for winter. As for […]

Dimensional Changes of Fabric After Home Laundering (AATCC 135)

Object This procedure describes the process for determination of dimensional changes of fabrics when subjected to home laundering process. Definitions Dimensional Change: Percentage change in length and width of fabric specimen when subjected to specified conditions. Growth:  Dimensional change result in increase in length and width of specimen. Shrinkage:  Dimensional change result in decrease length […]

Fabric Shrinkage Test

When we give a knitted T-Shirt for laundry or wash, we can discover that the T-Shirt has become smaller than its original size after laundry or washing. This happens due to Fabric Shrinkage. It is a process in which fabric dimension becomes smaller than its original size. It happens either lengthwise or width wise or […]

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