Difference Between Silk and Wool

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Definition of Silk

Silk is called the queen of fibres. It is a natural fibre (Protein) obtained from the cocoons of the silk silkworm. It is a continuous natural filament fibre.

Definition Of Wool

Wool is also a natural fibre obtained from sheep and other animals like goats, rabbits, camels, etc. It is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable natural fibre. It is also Wrinkle resistant, Naturally breathable, Naturally elastic, Easy to care for, and Stain resistant.

Difference Between Silk and Wool

The Basic Difference Between Silk and Wool

CompositionIt has carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. It is attacked by carpet beetles.It has hydrogen, carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen. It is harmed by moths and beetles.
ElasticityIt has extended polypeptide chains and is less elastic and resilient.It has folded polypeptide chains and is more elastic and resilient.
StrengthIt is very crystalline and is less absorbent.It has more amorphous areas and more absorbent.
Dimensional StabilityIt is a solid fibre.It has four parts in its fibre structure and therefore shrinks and felts.
TextureIt is smooth. White silk is smoother and more lustrous.White wool fibre has crimp which is molecular. Therefore wool is warmer and more resilient.
LengthIt is usually a filament and is smooth.It is a staple fibre and is fuzzy.
Hygroscopic NatureSince it has a very crystalline polymer system, it is less absorbent than wool.It is more absorbent.
Thermal PropertiesIt is more sensitive to heat.It is less sensitive to heat.
Effect of AcidsIt is degraded more than wool because of the absence of disulfide bonds, perspiration which is acidic will cause the breakdown of silk polymer.It is degraded less than silk.
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