The 17 Best Types of Panty Every Woman Should Know

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Different Types of Panty and their Names

Different types of panty

Panty is the under garments which covers female genital having a waistband and two leg opening. It is worn by women and girls. The pH value of panties should be in the limit of 6.8-7.2, otherwise it will be harmful to skin. There are many kinds of panties. Out of them 17 types are discussed bellow –

Classic Panty

These types of panties are also known as granny panties or full briefs. It gives the maximum coverage of the body. It also helps to take is the fluffy parts of the body. It should be worn under flowy dresses. Should not be worn under tight dresses, in this case panty line will be visible.

Classic Panty

Regular Panty

These kinds of panties are generally worn under flowy dress and jeans. Under the tight dresses, these kinds of panties show their line. These are mainly made of cotton and softer than other and more comfortable.

Regular Panty

Hipster Panty

It is also known as Hip huggers. It is likely classical panties but it is worn lower down the body and has waist band around the hips. It is worn under the low rise clothing.

Hipster Panty


Bikini is most common style worn by women worldwide. It is like hipsters but it has lower coverage in the front. It is mainly a part of bathing suit. It also can be worn under various kinds of dresses like jeans, shorts, trousers and many others.

Navy Colored Bikini


Tanga is pair of briefs connected by strings. It is narrower than bikini but has more coverage thong. It has very low coverage. In some countries it is worn as swimming suit.

Tanga Brief white color


Thongs, also known as cheeky, are like tangas but its back area coverage is also minimized. In some countries it is worn as the bottom of the bikini. It has similarity to G-string.

Red colored thong with red elastic and lace.


A G-string is one kind of thong where a piece of cloth, lather or plastic that covers the genatal with the help of band which passes through the buttock. It is worn as bottom part of bikini, swimwear and also as underwear. Sometime jewelry is attached with it.

G-string of maroon color having narrow black elastic and lace.

Boy Short

It is similar to gent’s underwear. It gives a large coverage and worn under the loose dresses. It helps to take in the fluffy area of the body. It is also known as boy leg. In some designs, there are some leg covering.

Pink colored boy short having lace body and narrow elastic.


It is almost similar to hipsters but the waist band is narrower. As a result it gives lower coverage. It stays lower the naval. There are varieties of cheekster. They are mini cheeksters, regular cheeksters and so many.

Pale turquoise colored cheekster panty with narrow lace and a bow.


V-string is likely G string but V string has lower coverage. A piece of clothe covering genital holding by waist band and another band that goes under the body and connected with waist band.

Black Colored V-string panty having narrow black elastic.


These kinds of panties are mainly used to control the fluffy area of the body. It made of elastic material like spandex. Most of the time it is worn under the formal dresses but also can be worn casual dresses.

Women wearing a black colored shapewear having wide lace made of elastane or spandex.

Butt Lifter

This kind of panty is used to give correct shape to the butt. It is designed to lift the butt. It covers a wide area but butts remain open.

Women wearing a black colored butt lifter.

Butt Booster

It is mainly used to enhance the butt. There is a pad at the back side which enhance the butt. It is very tight and covers a lot of area.

Cream colored Butt Booster.


This kind of panty is worn under the dresses which has a transparent or perforated part at the side. A piece of cloth is attached with wire. That metallic structure holds the cloth against the body to cover the genital.

Black Colored c-string.

Adhesive Panty

It is mainly one kind disposable panty. Adhesive is used to wear the panty as it has no waist band. Some of this kind is reusable.

Pale brown colored adhesive panty.

Layered Panty

When some laces are attached with a panty in layers is called layered panty. The panty can be any designed like regular, thong, hipster etc. This kind of panty is worn as swimming suite.

Layered Panty

Detailed Underwear

It is mainly worn as swimming wear. It is decorated with jewellery, lace and many other things.

Pink colored Detailed Underwear with narrow black elastic.

Some points should be cared to choose a panty:

  • Panties color should be identical to the dresses.
  • Panty should not be so tight that cut into the flash.
  • Panty line should not be visible from over the dress.
  • Under the flowy dress regular, hipsters, cheeky, granny panties any one of them can be worn.
  • That panty should be avoided that comes out of shorts or pants during sitting or working.

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